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Cardiovascular & Metabolic

CV disease remains the greatest risk to life for adults, accounting for 17 million deaths worldwide each year. Diabetes affects over 340 million people.

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In the West (i.e. Europe and North America) between 10-20% of adults suffer from GERD. The prevalence of GERD in Asia is lower, but increasing.

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World demand for antibiotics remains high, due to escalating resistance and the increased risk of serious infections in both immunosuppressed patients and ageing populations.

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More than 450 million people worldwide are affected by mental, neurological or behavioural problems and the rate is steadily rising.

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Cancer claims over 7 million lives every year and the number continues to rise. Deaths are estimated to reach 13 million by 2030.

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Some 235 million people suffer from asthma. It is the most common chronic disease among children.

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