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Our partnering process

Our goal is to be flexible, responsive, and honest within a partnership of equals designed to deliver value for both parties. When a potential partner has submitted a proposal, we are committed to giving a prompt, tailored response within two weeks. For consistency, AstraZeneca follows a carefully defined partnering process involving four sequential gateways (or “Gates”) from evaluation through to contract signature. We are open and transparent throughout the partnering process, sharing our scientific, regulatory and commercial insights and expertise at each stage. Even if our discussions do not proceed to the next gateway in the transaction process, we will strive to provide meaningful, honest and constructive feedback.

Our evaluation criteria

We assess all projects, whether internal or externally derived, against our "5 Rs" evaluation criteria: Right target, Right tissue/exposure, Right safety, Right patients, Right commercial that ensures we take forward the most attractive opportunities, regardless of source. These criteria also provide a framework for consistent and objective feedback to our partners, whether we decide to move forward with the opportunity or not.

Right target

  • Strong link between target and disease
  • Differentiating efficacy
  • Available and predictive biomarkers

Right tissue / exposure

  • Adequate bioavailability and tissue exposure
  • Human Pharmacokinetics/ Pharmacodynamics (PD) prediction
  • PD biomarkers
  • Drug-drug interaction

Right safety

  • Clear assessment of safety risks
  • Clear understanding of risk/benefit
  • Availability of predictive biomarkers

Right patients

  • Scientific evidence in lead indication
  • Risk/benefit stratification of patient population
  • Personalised healthcare strategy including diagnostic / biomarkers

Right commercial

  • Differentiated value proposition vs. future standard of care
  • Priority geographies
  • Market access/ payer/provider focus
  • Personalised healthcare strategy including diagnostic/ biomarkers

Alliance management

Whether forming early stage research deals and academic alliances, peer company collaborations or ‘bolt-on’ licensing and acquisitions, we believe that the most successful relationships are built on trust and transparency. We encourage flexible, open and honest communication and share risks and rewards to align our interests and pool our capabilities.

Signing the deal is just the beginning

Our experienced Alliance Managers are committed to realising the maximum value of collaborations through the sharing of best practice. The success of the on-going partnership is a key priority.

We assign a dedicated Alliance Manager early in the evaluation stage and they will remain your key contact throughout the deal and beyond.

We actively monitor and assess the performance of our partnerships and are committed to learning valuable lessons from each collaboration.

Please get in contact with our Alliance Management team if you would like to discuss any aspect of your partnering experience with us.

We genuinely welcome your feedback.

Our partnering process

One team from start to finish

Did you know?

Our alliance management process will operate a 90-day “kick-off” plan that facilitates the effective transition to a full partnership and then actively monitors and assesses the progress.

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