Personalised healthcare

Matching medicines to patients

AstraZeneca’s strategy remains focused on innovation and growth, and Personalised Healthcare (PHC) is at the heart of this. PHC aims to match medicines to those patients who will benefit from them most. Advances in science mean we can increasingly design and use tests to tell us how an individual patient is likely to respond to a particular medicine before prescribing it for them. Developing medicines in this way changes the way healthcare is delivered to patients. It means better, more effective treatment for patients and enhanced value for payers.

A successful approach

PHC breakdown by iMed graphic

AstraZeneca is applying Personalised Healthcare approaches to 70% of the drug projects in its pipeline and across all therapy areas including Oncology, Neuroscience, Infection, Respiratory, Inflammation & Autoimmune (RIA), Cardiovascular and Metabolic (CVMD) diseases. 

“A personalised healthcare approach is good for both patients and for our business,” said Ruth March, VP, Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers. “If a treatment targets patients that are more likely to respond it’s more likely to succeed in the market, reach the patients and benefit them. Our own research tells us that drug projects with a companion diagnostic are more than twice as likely to survive in our pipeline.”

AstraZeneca works with a broad range of external diagnostic companies to access the best technology and capabilities to develop companion diagnostic tests alongside our medicines.  We also have a number of strategic partners and alliances with world-leading research institutes, including the University of Cambridge, Cancer Research UK, The Sarah Cannon Research Institute and Karolinska Institutet.

PHC roundtable discussion

Watch a video roundtable debate entitled ‘Oncology shaping the future of personalised healthcare’, which explores how cancer drug development holds the key to success for precision therapeutic approaches.

PHC roundtable discussion

PHC perspectives

Ruth March, VP Personalised Healthcare & Biomarkers, shares more of her perspectives on personalized healthcare.

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