Dynavax and AstraZeneca agree to conduct toxicology studies for TLR-9 agonist for asthma

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dynavax Technologies Corporation announced today they will advance AZD1419, a proprietary second-generation TLR-9 agonist for asthma, into IND-enabling preclinical toxicology studies. These toxicology studies are scheduled to be the first module of work performed by Dynavax under the recently amended collaboration agreement with AstraZeneca for the clinical development of AZD 1419. Development expenses will be fully funded by AstraZeneca, and Dynavax will receive payment of $2.6 million to begin the studies.

About AZD 1419

AZD 1419 has been selected as the lead clinical candidate to enter formal clinical development based on extensive preclinical studies conducted by Dynavax and AstraZeneca. These include demonstration that AZD 1419 is capable of producing long lasting disease-modifying effects in a mouse model of atopic asthma. Under the terms of the amended 2006 research collaboration and license agreement, AstraZeneca will provide to Dynavax approximately $20 million in payments to cover the cost of clinical development activities through Phase 2a. If AstraZeneca chooses to advance the program following completion of Phase 2a, Dynavax will receive a $20 million milestone payment, and AstraZeneca will retain its rights to develop the candidate therapy and to commercialize the resulting asthma product. Additional remaining milestone payments to Dynavax amount to nearly $100 million. Dynavax will receive royalties on worldwide sales of approved products and will have the opportunity to co-promote the product in the United States.

About Dynavax

Dynavax Technologies Corporation, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, discovers and develops novel products to prevent and treat infectious and inflammatory diseases. The Company's lead product candidate is HEPLISAV™, a Phase 3 investigational adult hepatitis B vaccine designed to provide rapid and superior protection with fewer doses than current licensed vaccines. For more information visit www.dynavax.com