Creative collaboration is key to success in the fight against disease

Monday, 1 November 2010

Anders Ekblom, our EVP of Global Medicines Development, gave the keynote address at the 18th BioPartnering Europe event in October.

Anders highlighted the power of collaboration in the fight against disease. Only by combining forces and sharing skills and experience can real progress be made in addressing the significant health challenges that the world continues to face. But we need to do work together more and we need to work more creatively – going beyond our traditional way of doing things to make a real difference in healthcare.

Increasingly, the pharmaceutical and biotech companies are stepping out of their comfort zones to form creative, unexpected partnerships with other key players in the healthcare arena. In our own countries and around the world, we have the opportunity to go beyond the traditional pharma-biotech collaborations and bring academia, governments, NGOs, patient advocacy groups, venture capitalists, and other thought leaders to the table. By drawing on the unique strengths of different organisations and individuals, we can deliver the greatest impact."

Anders Ekblom, EVP Global Medicines Development

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