Code, policies and standards

Code, policies &

Our Code of Conduct and Global Policies are designed to provide clear direction as to how our high level commitments are to be translated into consistent actions across all areas of our business. We continue to review and streamline the range of standards and procedures that support the Global Policies to provide more targeted guidance on what is required of people in specific roles throughout the organisation.

To give effect to the Global Policies, all Senior Executive Team areas, including MedImmune, are expected to follow any global standards and procedures or, provided they are consistent with the Global Policy, their own local or functional standards and procedures.

Due diligence – acquisitions and partnerships

To safeguard the reputation of AstraZeneca and also protect us from any unforeseen liabilities, we make responsible business considerations an integral part of our due diligence process when making acquisitions or doing deals with external partners. This is particularly important as we increase our pace of externalisation in line with our business strategy. Find out more about our  partnering activity.

As part of the acquisition process, extensive background research and dialogue with management representatives take place. The Transactional Leads (the people at AstraZeneca leading the acquisition process) must address a number of high level responsible business questions in relation to the potential deal. This assessment is documented as part of the deal case file. Additionally, if the company operates outside of the developed world, more extensive background checks are run.

Depending on the activities of the organisation that we are considering acquiring, different responsible business aspects have different prominence in the process. For example, if the company in question conducts in-house animal testing, a member of AstraZeneca’s Veterinary Affairs team reviews the organisation’s policies and practices relating to animal ethics. If clinical trials are being conducted, the outcomes of Good Clinical Practice audits would be reviewed. Ethical conduct in sales and marketing is also considered and safety, health and the environment (SHE) has a very high prominence throughout the deal process - both in terms of historic liabilities and the practices in place to safeguard employees and the environment.

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Code of Conduct

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