Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct describes the standards we require and provides high level guidance on how these are to be translated into consistent actions worldwide. Compliance with our Code is mandatory.

Dowload the Code in English (PDF 391kb)


We provide annual refresher training in the Code which is mandatory for all employees and is monitored by Global Compliance. New starters are required to complete on-line training within 30 days of the first day of employment.

In addition, we provide training in compliance with the  Corporate Integrity Agreement, which requires all ‘Covered Persons’ (primarily staff based in the US or supporting products marketed in the US) to receive one hour of training on the Compliance Programme, including the Code of Conduct and the Corporate Integrity Agreement and all ‘Relevant Covered Persons’ (employees and third parties engaged in designated Promotional or Product-Related functions) to receive three additional hours of training on applicable legal, regulatory and policy requirements relevant to their functional area.

Procedures for raising concerns

Number concerns raised

Our Code includes information on how to report possible violations of the Code, including through the AZethics telephone lines and Anyone who raises a possible breach in good faith is fully supported by management. We take all alleged compliance breaches and concerns extremely seriously and investigate them and report the outcome of such investigations to the Audit Committee of our Board, as appropriate.

In 2013, 149 reports of alleged compliance breaches or other ethical concerns were made via telephone, the website, or the Global Compliance email or postal addresses described in the Code (194 in 2012).

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Our global policies

Our global policies provide more detail about what is required in specific areas.

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