Managing change

The composition of our global workforce continues to evolve. Recruitment in our emerging markets continues to be accompanied by headcount reductions in our established markets as a result of our continuing strategic drive to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Reductions have come about through restructuring in R&D, supply and manufacturing, support functions and our sales and marketing workforce.

We are committed to ensuring that such changes are managed in line with AstraZeneca's values and people policies. We work to ensure a level of global consistency in managing employee relations, while allowing enough flexibility to support the local markets in building good relations with their workforces, taking into account local laws and circumstances. To that end, relations with trades unions are nationally determined and managed locally in line with the applicable legal framework and standards of good practice. However, each change programme has its unique challenges and a standard solution may not always be appropriate. Where this is the case, the appropriate solution is developed through consultation with employee representatives or, where applicable, trade unions, with the aim of retaining key skills and mitigating job losses.

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