Diversity & inclusion

Performance: Diversity & inclusion

We are committed to building an inclusive, open and trusting organisation embracing the skills, knowledge and unique ability of our employees.

We aim to drive change in three key areas: ‘Leadership & Management Capability’; ‘Transparency in Talent Management & Career Progression’; and ‘Work Life Challenges’.


Board of Directors of the Company 
12 Male: 75% Female: 25%
SET* 12 Male: 75% Female: 25%
Directors of the
Company’s subsidiaries*
317 Male: 76% Female: 24%
51,500 Male: 49.6% Female: 50.4%

* For the purposes of section 414C(8)(c)(ii) of the Companies Act 2006, ‘Senior Managers’ are the SET, the directorsof all of the subsidiaries of the Company and other individuals holding named positions within those subsidiaries.

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