Driver safety

In recent years, our strengthened efforts to promote driver safety worldwide have delivered some improvements and we are maintaining focus in this important area.

Our commitment centres on promoting driver safety among our sales forces – collectively the single largest group of employees who drive on company business – in total, some 21,000 people.

As we re-shape and grow our business in emerging markets, our sales force footprint is changing and we recognise the need to take account of the different driving environments and associated risks in our new geographies including Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Our commitment to improving the safety of our drivers around the world centres on three programmes; DriveSuccess for countries outside the US, Road Scholars within the US and MedImmune, our biologics arm, also have an established driver safety programme similar to Road Scholars. Procedures and standards are in place to ensure a common view on the effectiveness of all three programmes and to track KPIs globally.

The 2013 focus has been on consolidation of the programmes in an organisation that has seen some significant changes. Maintaining our focus in this area is important and senior level engagement has been key.

In 2013 a system called the DriveSuccess Tracker was launched. The Tracker is being used by each country to assess their Driver Safety activities and highlight areas where they can improve. The tracker also provides a scoring system which produces leading indicators for the Driver Safety Programme.

2013 was the first year since 1999 that there were no fatalities related to vehicle accidents to AstraZeneca Employees or the Public.

Because driving is our highest risk area for serious injury and fatality, we have made it a specific part of the global SHE strategy. Measuring performance in each region is key to understanding our progress and identifying areas for improvement. Performance is reported quarterly and this helps us to focus regional management and programme assistance on those marketing companies that need more help. Read about our 2013 performance

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