Health & wellbeing

A healthy, energising workplace is good for our employees because it offers a more enjoyable work/life experience and good for our business because it supports increased engagement and productivity alongside reduced health-related costs.

We aim to provide our people with the right tools, education and training to help them understand and manage their personal health and wellbeing challenges.

Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy, provides a framework for promoting health and wellbeing and managing and measuring related activities consistently across the company. It is focused not only on the prevention of (work-related) ill health but also on the pro-active, sustainable and targeted improvement of engagement and energy levels throughout the organisation.

Metrics have been developed for measuring performance and identifying further areas for improvement. These include input and output measures with associated targets.

The Strategy focuses on three key areas:

Personal Energy Management

Modules are available to help leaders and employees become more productive and effective under pressure by managing their energy more effectively and learning how best to use it.

Health screening

Health screening is currently available for employees at 85% of our sites / marketing companies and we are working to make it available to all our employees, together with follow up options to support any necessary health and lifestyle changes. Clinical evidence based guidance on the types of health screening to be promoted has been developed.

Essential Health Activities

Our Essential Health Activities framework consists of six global programmes and services that are being promoted and tailored to suit local cultures and risk profiles. These are Physical Fitness, Healthy Business Travel, Workplace Pressure Management, Tobacco Use Cessation, Healthy Eating and General Health Promotion.

Standards and guidelines have been developed to support the implementation of programmes in these six areas and we have set a target that requires ≥80% of sites / marketing companies to have all six in place by 2015.

In September 2013, we linked Health and Wellbeing to our key brands by recognising ‘World Heart Day’ by launching the “Tree of Life.” Organised by the Health and Wellbeing team and the BRILINTA Taskforce, the “Tree of Life” included an interactive campaign for AstraZeneca employees, designed to bring attention to the global impact of cardiovascular disease and the important role of prevention. Employees worldwide were invited to make a pledge, stating a change they could make to improve their heart health and the health of fellow employees, friends and families. The campaign ran for several days.

Some examples of our programmes

Health & Wellbeing in Asia Pacific

In support of the Tobacco Cessation element of the Essential Health Activities, the Asia area initiated various awareness campaigns in their local markets to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use. For example, India celebrated ‘World No Tobacco Day’ 2013 by emailing a series of educational materials to employees throughout the week. The final touch to the week-long campaign was a request sent out to smoker friends and colleagues that they refrain from smoking for the day. A token of appreciation was promised to colleagues who supported this request and remained SMOKE FREE for the day.

Taking the global challenge

In 2013, for the sixth consecutive year, we participated in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). Over 3,668 of our employees from many AZ global locations including Mexico, US, UK, Sweden, Poland, Japan and India took part, walking over 4.7 billion steps collectively. Participants reported feeling healthier, having lost many (welcome) pounds in weight, were sleeping better and had more energy.

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Did you know?

We have a global Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) function dedicated to leading, managing and monitoring our commitment to managing our environmental impact and to promoting the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. Read more about: