Reporting performance

Reporting performance

We are committed to open and balanced reporting of our responsible business performance.

Between 2000 and 2006, we published an annual printed CR Summary Report, which was distributed to shareholders alongside our annual reports. View/download copies of these Summary Reports..

Since 2007, CR reporting has been included in our Annual Report. This reflects our increasing integration of responsible business-related issues into everyday business management and enables us to provide shareholders with a more holistic view of our company that includes both a financial and non-financial perspective.

This dedicated Responsibility section of our website, which is updated throughout the year, continues to provide detailed statistics and further information about our non-financial performance together with the latest Company positions in key issue areas.

Our target audience is a wide one. Through our Annual Report and this website, we hope to meet the CR information needs of all our stakeholders and others who have an interest in our business, including CR research and ranking organisations.

The performance data, as well as details of our progress throughout this section of our website, refers to the year 1 January – 31 December 2013, unless otherwise indicated.

Data and scope

The Responsibility section of our website covers all aspects of our healthcare business, including MedImmune, unless otherwise indicated*.

Regular review of the data is carried out to ensure accuracy and consistency. This has led to slight changes in the statistics produced for previous years. None of the changes is statistically significant. The statistics quoted in this report are generated from the revised data.

The Responsibility section of our website is a GRI-based report, in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s 2006 G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

* When we acquire companies we work with them to ensure Responsible Business standards and reporting practices are aligned, as well as to incorporate them in the setting of targets and capturing of data. We also work with them to ensure that the information we do collect is comparable with our own. This process can take time. Responsible Business data relating to Ardea, acquired in June 2012, is not yet incorporated into this Responsibility section of our website.

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