Sales and marketing practice

Sales & marketing practice

As a global biopharmaceutical company, we market our medicines worldwide to doctors and other healthcare professionals, and to those who pay for healthcare.

We know that the marketing of pharmaceuticals sometimes raises some public concerns. In particular, our stakeholders and society in general want to be confident that pharmaceutical marketing practices do not compromise the ability of healthcare professionals to independently care for their patients.

Delivering consistently high standards of sales and marketing practice sits at the core of our commitment to driving commercial success responsibly. Our activities centre on making sure that the appropriate information is provided to those who need it to support the safe and effective use of our medicines and enhance patient care.

A global approach

Our Global Policy on Ethical Interactions provides a single common, principle-based approach to all our interactions with public officials, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, community organisations, and other third parties worldwide. This means that everyone in AstraZeneca, wherever they are located, is required to work to our global standards of ethical sales and marketing practice.

Monitoring compliance

We have comprehensive processes in place to identify breaches of our Policy. We take all breaches seriously and act to prevent them from happening again. This includes retraining or other corrective action, up to and including dismissal.

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Our standards

This section describes our approach in key aspects of our activity that we know are of particular interest to our stakeholders.

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Marketing to healthcare professionals

Our marketing efforts are directed towards doctors, other healthcare professionals and to those who pay for healthcare. 

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Integrity is central to the business conversations across our organisation. People must be able to trust our medicines and the way in which we market them.

Mark Mallon, EVP International

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Ethical Interactions

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