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Our commitment

We are committed to delivering consistently high ethical standards of sales and marketing practice worldwide.

During 2013, we continued to provide training for employees on the global standards that govern the way we conduct our business around the world. We have comprehensive processes for monitoring compliance with our Code of Conduct and global policies, including dedicated compliance professionals who support our line managers locally in monitoring their staff activities. We also have a network of nominated signatories who review our promotional materials against all applicable requirements. In addition, in 2013, audit professionals conducted compliance audits of a selection of our marketing companies.

We identified 11 confirmed breaches of external sales and marketing regulations or codes in 2013 (2012: 10). There were 1,773 instances of non-compliance with AstraZeneca’s Code of Conduct, Global Policies or related control standards in our Commercial Regions, including contract staff and other third parties, the majority of which were minor (2012: 1,932). We believe that the movement in this number reflects our continued management oversight.

Following these breaches (and it is important to note that a single breach can involve more than one person failing to meet required standards), we removed 187 people from their role, formally warned 568 others and provided further guidance or coaching on our policies for 1,813 more. The most serious breaches are raised with the Audit Committee.

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Sales & marketing practice

Everyone in AstraZeneca, wherever they are located, is required to work to our global standards of sales and marketing practice.

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