Our standards

Our Global Policy on Ethical Interactions provides a single common, principle-based approach to all our interactions with public officials, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, community organisations, and other third parties worldwide.

In particular, our standards are designed to make sure that across all our activities with healthcare professionals, our focus is solely on providing them with evidence-based, reliable information about our medicines. Our efforts include focus on local educational opportunities and digital channels of communication, which facilitate the flow of information and support high standards of medical education. These approaches are designed to provide a collaborative environment where doctors can benefit from interactions with their peer group, including virtual seminars and conferences, and facilitation of local physician networks.

We know that opportunities for medical education and scientific exchange with peers are crucial to supporting improvements in patient care delivered by doctors. We are satisfied that in some limited circumstances we can contribute to high-quality scientific discourse by supporting doctors to attend meetings and congresses without compromising our commitment to integrity, and we have robust controls in place to make sure that any such support is provided in a lawful and ethical manner. 

Setting clear objectives

As with all our Global Policies, compliance with our Global Policy on Ethical Interactions is mandatory. Our standard performance management template for both managers and employees incorporates a mandatory compliance and ethics objective.

Training and supporting our employees

We continue to provide training and guidance for those responsible for putting our standards into practice. This includes training for all employees on our Global Policy on Ethical Interactions. The training is based on scenarios showing how to apply our policies in practice in real-life situations. We believe that everyone needs to understand what specifically is expected of them – and where to get advice and support if that is not clear. The training is delivered with our Code of Conduct training for all new starters and as part of the annual Code of Conduct refresher training for all employees, and is in addition to any business unit training that is targeted by role.

Our commitment to responsible sales and marketing means that globally:

  • We do not tolerate bribery or corruption or other forms of improper influence and operate under zero tolerance for such behaviour.
  • We give doctors evidence-based information about our medicines and we do not allow off-label promotion of unlicensed products or uses anywhere
  • We provide support for doctors to attend Company organised meetings and independent congresses in limited circumstances to facilitate high quality medical education and scientific exchange.
  • We respect the independence of patient groups and medical associations globally.

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Did you know?

Training in our Policy includes real-life examples and scenarios to help employees understand how to apply our standards in practice.

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Ethical Interactions

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