Patient group support

Patient groups are independent non-profit organisations which provide advice and support to patients and their families and other caregivers. They help to raise awareness of diseases, fund research and improve patient care.

AstraZeneca and other pharmaceutical companies give money and in-kind support to patient groups to support their work. Some stakeholders are concerned that funding by pharmaceutical companies could affect the independence of these groups and, in effect, support lobbying efforts for greater use of a particular medicine.

We support patient groups which address diseases and therapeutic areas that AstraZeneca is active in, but we never link financial support to the promotion of our medicines. We also work with patient groups that provide consultancy services, for example to help us develop educational material for patients.

We believe our support to patient groups brings genuine benefits to the patients they serve - without funding from pharmaceutical companies, many of these groups would not be able to function as effectively or reach as many patients.

What is AstraZeneca’s policy on patient groups?

All of our relationships with patient groups and other healthcare organisations are based on transparency, trust and a shared objective to improve the lives of patients.

Our Code of Conduct and our Global Policy on Ethical Interactions underpin that commitment. Amongst other things, our Policy requires that all support for a patient group must be consistent with the group’s mission and must respect the independence of such group. The vast majority of the patient groups we support receive funding from more than one source, and usually a large number of different sources.


Which patient groups do you support?  

In line with the code requirements of the respective European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), UK Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), and Swedish pharmaceutical industry association (LIF), we make public all our relationships with patient groups in Europe (through this website), the UK (through our website, and Sweden (through LIF’s external website

AstraZeneca in the US publishes its contributions to non-profit organisations in the US, including patient groups and other healthcare organisations, and our grants in support of independent medical education. Current information is available on and, for our biologics business, on, updated on a biennial basis.

To further increase transparency in this area, we are now publishing on this website details of all our support to non-profit organisations, including patient groups worldwide. Click here for details.

We also encourage patient groups to be transparent about the support they have received, by listing corporate supporters on their website and in other material.

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