American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2018: A moment of convergence in CVRM for AstraZeneca

We are proud to highlight late-breaking research at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions (AHA) 2018 on 10-12 November in Chicago, USA.

We are at a moment of convergence within cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases (CVRM): clinical trials of great breadth and real-world relevance are coming together to provide new insights into long-standing obstacles, including clinical inertia among primary care physicians, to the societal and economic burden associated with either under treating or not treating patients with type-2 diabetes earlier in their disease.

AHA 2018 is an exciting opportunity to share what this convergence has yielded from our CVRM portfolio. Key data we will present will build on our extensive clinical programme, the outcomes of which we hope will help redefine the management of CVRM diseases. Additionally, our research is addressing widespread needs for a more proactive and efficient approach to multidisciplinary care for patients at varying levels of cardiovascular and renal risks.

Our novel and extensive clinical research programme is creating an opportunity to influence and subsequently change treatment protocols and allow primary care physicians, specialists and nurses to act earlier, with the objective of helping to protect patients with type-2 diabetes from the risks of heart failure and other CVRM diseases.

To facilitate this change, we will be working with partners in the medical and healthcare policy communities to provide education around the economic and larger societal need for treating together type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular-renal risks. Additionally, we are joining Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) in its call to action to healthcare providers to overcome inertia when it comes to changing patient care practices, where there is now broad and consistent evidence to support a change.

Finally, at AHA we are helping to illustrate the real-life burden patients with type-2 diabetes face when it comes to the underlying risk for heart failure and other cardiovascular-renal complications. Our commitment to patients includes educational efforts to support understanding of these risks and encouraging patients to act earlier to help protect themselves from CVRM related complications.

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AstraZeneca at #AHA2018

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