Supporting social media citizens at ESMO 2017


Annie Sullivan, Director of Corporate Social Media, AstraZeneca

At the 2017 European Society for Medical Oncologists (ESMO) Congress, we’re renewing our commitment to being a better social media citizen and sharing our thinking of how this approach should evolve beyond the recent ASCO meeting. The oncology 'Twitterverse' is a well-developed, complex online community, that varies from conference to conference. We feel our role should be subtly different to best support the exchange of ideas at ESMO and amplify relevant highlights to the global audience well beyond the convention center.

Patients groups represent a greater proportion of the conversation around ESMO than other meetings, in part because of the robust patient-advocacy track ESMO has established. We also expect the #ESMO17 hashtag to bring together a geographically diverse group of participants, reflecting attendees coming to Madrid from across Europe.

We remain committed to the principles outlined during the ASCO 2017 conference of talking less and listening more, and retweeting insights from oncology researchers, patient-advocates, to clinicians and policy experts. We will still be listening carefully to the conversation and won’t pay to promote our content, but the types of content and people we’ll be retweeting will reflect the conversations unique to ESMO.

We want to help bring together our expertise in science with the way attendees participate in the digital conversation at ESMO 2017. Given the emphasis on patient advocacy, we will be featuring blog posts written by patient advocates about how they use social media to get the most out of conferences.

We also want to go one step further and help build these connections offline and in person. At ESMO this year we will be sitting down with a number of people tweeting at the conference, asking them what value social media has to them. It’s our ambition that this will not only help us play our role on social media better, but will allow us to highlight diverse perspectives on social media at the conference and elevate the knowledge sharing and insights gleaned for everyone participating.

We try to approach every conference with a fresh lens. Conversations at conferences have a character of their own so social listening is key to ensuring the content we share is helpful, respectful and supports the valuable conversations already happening on this platform. But it is also important to get to know your audience personally and listen to what they are saying closely to determine how best industry can participate.

By helping to keep the focus on the patients and attendees at ESMO, we’re continuing our commitment to being a socially responsible participant in the vibrant oncology Twitterverse and hope to encourage others to participate with this mindset as well. 


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Date of next review: September 2018