Protecting patient data

Protecting patients’ privacy is a responsibility that AstraZeneca takes very seriously. We do this by applying systematic precautions.

  • Data access: we have strict rules to restrict access to sensitive data, so that researchers who work with patients' genomic data are not able to access their personal details.
  • Data security: we apply robust security measures to both our clinical and genomics databases.
  • De-identification: we remove or aggregate data fields, to reduce the risk of identification while preserving the scientific value of the research.

We are confident, through these combined precautions, that no one who donates a genomic sample for this initiative will be identified from either their genomic or their clinical data.

We will also ensure that each individual who donates a genomic sample to this initiative has given their consent to do so. Patients already have to give their consent when taking part in a clinical trial, however, we will seek their further optional consent to use samples they provide for our genomics research, so they can make a properly informed choice.

Like all aspects of our research, genomics research will be conducted in the most ethical and responsible way, upholding the highest possible standards of data privacy and security.