ES²ROS training center

ES²ROS Training Centre

ES²ROS is the AstraZeneca/MedImmune system for the submission and processing of externally sponsored scientific research applications.

ES²ROS has been designed to offer investigators a fast, user-friendly and secure way to submit and track applications. On this page you can find more information about how ES²ROS works as well as details of who to contact for support.


Training videos

To watch short training videos to help you use ES²ROS, click on the links below:

Clinical Submissions

1. Registering (00:02:49)

2. Starting an Application (00:03:51)

3. Additional Attachments (00:01:23)

4. Submitting a Proposal (00:02:09)

5. Adding Study Information (00:01:28)

6. Submitting a Protocol (00:01:39)

7. Status Updates and Submitting a Publication (00:03:14)

8. Submitting Protocol Amendments (00:02:21)

Non clinical submisisons

1. Registering (00:02:49)

2. Starting an Application (00:03:50)

3. Additional Attachments (00:01:32)

4. Adding Study Information (00:01:28)

5. Submitting Protocol Amendments (00:03:17)

6. Providing Updates and Publications (00:02:21)


If you have any questions about the AstraZeneca/MedImmune process for externally sponsored scientific research, please contact your local site.

If you require support on using the ES²ROS tool itself please contact