The secrets to successful partnering

Are you looking to partner your promising science or assets? Interested in collaborating with AstraZeneca but not sure where to start?

Sharing our partnering experience and expertise

Through a series of video ‘tutorials’, our business development colleagues are sharing their expertise in identifying, negotiating and sustaining collaborations that create benefit for patients and a win-win outcome for both partners. They will also reveal their top tips for how you can successfully pitch your science or assets to us. 

Episode 1:

Identifying the right partner and the initial business case 

Coming soon…

Episode 2:

Getting the deal done: from negotiation to signing and completion

Episode 3:

Ensuring partnership success through alliance and integration management

Our business development team members have a highly developed combination of skills and experience in identifying and developing successful, long-term partnerships, gained by working on hundreds of complex business and scientific collaborations. We are pleased to now be sharing this expertise with others in the biotech and pharma community who may be able to benefit from it.

Shaun Grady VP Business Development, AstraZeneca

A potential partner should clearly articulate their scientific vision and the potential to translate this into a differentiated medicine. They also need to acknowledge any areas where they need help, which would enable us to allocate our resources for maximum success.”

Chris Sheldon Head, Oncology Search & Evaluation, AstraZeneca

Often, the best partnering opportunities will come from our scientists, so we actively encourage them to engage and collaborate with leading researchers from across the world.

Lars Gredsted Associate Director, Partnering & Strategy, MedImmune

This is about win-win and creating long-term value so think about what AstraZeneca can bring to the table, what you can bring to the table, and how we can best work together to achieve value.

Maria Dahl Executive Business Development Director, Oncology, AstraZeneca