AstraZeneca at the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting

At the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago, AstraZeneca, along with its global biologics research and development arm, MedImmune, demonstrated how it is rapidly delivering on the Company’s science-led strategy for transformational cancer medicine development.

Being a better social media citizen

Our approach to social media was different this year. We listened to your concerns about company’s overshadowing attendees and others engaging socially so we aimed to be better social media citizens, to elevate valuable conversations and, when appropriate, to contribute our own unique perspective.

What we’re working on

Controlling advanced breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Current goals for patient treatment are to optimise patient outcomes in both the length and quality of life, but approaches are evolving.

Understanding the unmet needs of women with BRCAm breast cancer

John Boyer, Global Medical Affairs Leader, Breast Cancer at AstraZeneca, looks at the current treatment landscape for patients with BRCA-mutated breast cancer and explores some of the latest scientific advancements in treating this difficult-to-treat type of cancer.

Following the science in lung cancer to address the hardest-to-treat conditions

Dr. Serban Ghiorghiu, Global Development Lead, EGFR Therapies at AstraZeneca, explains how his scientific journey has seen the evolution of lung cancer research from metastatic disease to complications such as CNS metastases.

Lung cancer: more than one disease

From differences in histology to genomic drivers, leading-edge R&D is helping us learn more about the many types of lung cancer every day.

Leading Research in CNS Metastases

Central Nervous System (CNS) metastases are a particularly devastating complication of advanced lung cancer. Why are they so difficult to treat?

Spreading ovarian cancer awareness

Knowledge is our most powerful weapon against ovarian cancer. Learn more now.

Understanding the burden of ovarian cancer

60% of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at the advanced stage. Learn more from our infographic and disease backgrounder.

Towards improved quality of life during treatment

Ali Cimen, Senior Global Medical Affairs Director at AstraZeneca, explores the challenge of preserving health-related quality of life in the management of ovarian cancer and discusses the importance of adhering to treatment that offers sustained quality of life.

Researching the immunogenicity of bladder cancer

Often overlooked, bladder cancer is one of the ten most prominent malignancies worldwide. Although there are multiple types, 90% of all cases are urothelial carcinomas.


Our Oncology science

Immuno-Oncology: Why does it matter?

Immuno-Oncology is a therapeutic approach designed to reprogram the immune system so that it can recognize and attack cancer cells. Learn more about AstraZeneca’s unique combination-focused approach.

Exploiting the DNA Damage Response

Targeting DNA Damage Response defects to preferentially kill cancer cells, while minimising the impact on normal cells, has the potential for more selective, better tolerated therapies to improve survival in multiple cancers.

Biomarkers: From BRCA to PD-L1

AstraZeneca has consistently been at the forefront of biomarker-driven precision medicine by working with leading diagnostic partners to develop tests, including the analysis of gene mutations and protein expression. Learn more about our industry-leading science.

An interview with advocacy

Martha Orzechowski, Global Director, Oncology Patient Group Relations at AstraZeneca, sat down with Elisabeth Baugh, Chief Executive Officer of Ovarian Cancer Canada, to discuss the role of patient advocates at scientific congresses – what they want, and what industry can do to help improve their experience.

We started the Ladyballs campaign because we felt people didn’t know about ovarian cancer and we wanted to get it on the radar. We wanted something that was in peoples’ faces and edgy.

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