About AstraZeneca Gothenburg 2017 event

On 31 May 2017, we hosted the second annual AstraZeneca Exchange Gothenburg event at our R&D centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

As in 2016, the event brought together representatives from across the Nordic Life Science community including industry, biotech, academia, Government and the public sector.


The event has been a terrific coming together of the bioscience community across the Nordic region, to talk about the importance of collaboration.

Shaun Grady Vice-President, Business Development Operations, AstraZeneca

The day was made up of a combination of presentation, panel sessions and informal discussion and networking. Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, Saab AB and FAM AB, and Non-Executive Director at AstraZeneca provided his insights from nearly 30 years on the Board of Astra and AstraZeneca. Niklas Johansson, Swedish State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, discussed the importance of nurturing innovation in Sweden, and the vital role of cooperation and collaboration across government, industry, academia and the public sector.

 Other speakers on the day included:

  • Ben Thorpe, Head of healthcare investment banking for EMEA, Goldman Sachs
  • Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, Chairman, Serendipity Innovations
  • Per Norlén, CEO Alligator Bioscience
  • Regina Fritsche-Danielson, Head of Bioscience, Innovative Medicines and Early Development, AstraZeneca
  • Elisabeth Björk, VP Head of CVMD, Global Medicines Development at AstraZeneca and Gothenburg Site Lead

Gothenburg is one of AstraZeneca’s three global R&D centres, alongside our sites in Cambridge in the UK and Gaithersburg in the US. Each site is located close to a globally recognised bioscience cluster to allow us to benefit from a wider ecosystem of universities, researchers, biotechs and peers. This is because we know that innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. We already benefit from collaboration with others across the Life Science sector and we build on each other’s successes.

Our joint successes matter not only for our companies, but for our region and its economy – Gothenburg, Sweden and our neighbouring countries.

Our aim with AstraZeneca Exchange Gothenburg is to support the growing Life Science ecosystem in the Nordics, stimulate innovation and make the region as strong as it can be in the biotechnology sector through networking, interactive discussion and knowledge sharing.

The real highlight of today has been to feel the buzz and the energy, but also to hear the really frank discussions around what works, what needs to be improved and what it will take to be one of the best bioscience clusters in the world.

Jan-Olof Jacke President, AstraZeneca Sweden