About the AZ BioVentureHub - a catalyst for science innovation

AstraZeneca established the AZ BioVentureHub in April 2014 as a collaborative innovation ecosystem to strengthen competitiveness in the Nordic life science industry.

Embedded at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, the AZ BioVentureHub is designed for emerging biotech and medtech companies and academic groups. It offers a unique opportunity to co-locate and interact with 2,500 dedicated and highly-skilled AstraZeneca professionals, as well as with each other.

Member companies also benefit from state-of-the-art lab facilities and infrastructure, as well as connections to scientific expertise across AstraZeneca globally.

“AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub is an exciting innovation model for strengthening competitiveness and collaboration in the life science industry. It’s smart Swedish industry in action, serving as inspiration to other companies and industries when it comes to generating opportunities in the new industrial era.”

Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation


“By acting in an environment with the competence and experience present at the BioVentureHub and AstraZeneca, we expect to reduce inherent development risks in the project and that our efforts will yield results much more quickly.”

Henrik Nittmar, CEO Corline Biomedical AB

BioVentureHub - fast facts

  • Established 2014
  • 19 companies
  • 1 academic group
  • Currently, 2,400 m2 of office and lab space
  • 2 scientific partners
  • 4 external sponsors

Find out more at www.azbioventurehub.com

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