AstraZeneca joins the International Federation to recognise World Diabetes Day


On World Diabetes Day, AstraZeneca Joins the International Diabetes Federation to Recognise Women and Diabetes in Supporting Patients Living with Diabetes and Reaffirms Commitment to Supporting Patients Living with Diabetes

In recognition of World Diabetes Day (WDD), 14 November, AstraZeneca is joining organisations like the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to recognise Women and Diabetes as part of this year’s theme. WDD this year highlights the importance of equitable healthcare access for all women with or at-risk of diabetes. Women’s right to healthcare includes access to vital medicine, technology and self-management education to achieve optimal care outcomes.

WDD is a call to action to ensure each woman’s right to a healthy future, and for everyone to take steps to ensure better results for all women. At AstraZeneca, we are committed to making a real difference in the lives of people and communities by exploring novel therapeutic options and ultimately aiming to deliver potentially life-changing medicines. Through awareness movements like World Diabetes Day, we support and invest in programmes that advocate for advancing patient health and improving access to care.

AstraZeneca is committed to improving patient health and access to care, and in turn, supporting women’s right to a healthy future. During World Diabetes Day, our teams are rallying across the world, from diverse backgrounds, to share how diabetes has affected them or women in their communities. Throughout the day, we will be sharing their stories on social media via #AZDiabetesRelay, as well as pictures of teams showing their commitment to helping people living with diabetes. We believe in the power of the individual’s voice, but when they come together, we can have a powerful impact.


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Follow along on Twitter at @AstraZeneca and we encourage you to pass the baton and join the conversation at #WDD17 and #AZDiabetesRelay. 


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