Improving health is one of the toughest challenges facing the world today. As a global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has a key contribution to make through the discovery, development and commercialisation of innovative medicines for important areas of healthcare, including cardiovascular/metabolic disease, cancer and respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune disease.

AstraZeneca India was established in 1979 and is headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka. AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited (AZPIL) is the operating company and covers manufacturing, sales and marketing activities of the company in India. It is a listed company and is a subsidiary of AstraZeneca Plc, UK. It has a workforce of over 1500 employees across the country that is committed to deliver life-changing medicines to patients through innovative science and global excellence in development and commercialization. The company has an innovative portfolio in crucial areas of healthcare including cardiovascular and & metabolic diseases, oncology and respiratory.

Rated as one of the finest in South East Asia, AstraZeneca’s Indian manufacturing facility has a sophisticated production facility designed to meet the most stringent international standards, conforming to WHO cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) norms. The facility is an ISO 14001 certified company and has a full-fledged environment management system in place.

AstraZeneca also launched its first, insourced IT facility, Global Technology Centre (GTC) in Chennai in 2014. Over 2000 IT professionals employed in the GTC focus on providing IT Infrastructure Management, Application Development and Maintenance, Global Project Management, and various allied IT services in support of the company’s worldwide operations. The GTC has close to 150,000 sqft of space fitted out to world class workplace standards located in Tata Ramanujan Info Park in the heart of Chennai.

As a global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca believes it can make a meaningful contribution in increasing access to healthcare. AstraZeneca launched its flagship community initiative, the Young Health Programme in India in 2010 in 5 resettlement colonies in Delhi with a focus on prevention of NCDs. The program has completed five years and AstraZeneca has recently launched phase III (2016-2020) in five more resettlement communities in New Delhi. So far the Program has benefitted 199,387 adolescents and reached out to 7,510 members of the wider community including parents, teachers, health workers and policy makers. 2,200 peer educators have been trained as part of the Program.

The company maintains a high ethical standard of business practice, promoting its products in a customer focused and value-adding manner, through scientific dissemination of information to the medical fraternity.



  • Brilinta® (Ticagrelor Tablets 90mg, 60mg)
  • Betaloc® (Metoprolol Tartrate Tablets IP 25mg, 50mg & 100mg)
  • Seloken XL® (Metoprolol Succinate Extended Release Tablets IP 25mg, 50mg & 100mg) 
  • Imdur® (Prolonged Release Isosorbide-5-Mononitrate Tablets BP 30mg & 60mg)
  • Crestor® (Rosuvastatin film coated Tablets IP 5mg, 10mg, 20mg & 40mg)   


  • Forxiga ® (Dapagliflozin Tablets 5mg & 10mg)
  • Onglyza® (Saxagliptin Tablets 2.5mg & 5mg)
  • Kombiglyze XR™ (Saxagliptin & Metformin HCl (Extended Release) Tablets 5/500mg & 5/1000mg)
  • Xigduo® XR (Dapagliflozin + Metformin HCl (Extended Release) 5/1000mg &10/1000mg)


  • Symbicort® (Budesonide/Formoterol Inhalation Powder 80/4.5mcg/dose, 160/4.5mcg/dose & 320/9mcg/dose)


  • Arimidex® (Anastrozole Tablets IP 1mg)
  • Iressa™ (Gefitinib Tablets IP 250mg)
  • Zoladex® (Goserelin Acetate Depot Injection 3.6mg & Goserelin Acetate Depot Injection 10.8mg)
  • Casodex® (Bicalutamide Tablets IP 50mg)
  • Faslodex™ (Fulvestrant Injection 250mg)
  • Tagrisso™ (Osimertinib Tablets 40mg & 80mg)

Adverse event reporting

All pharmacologically effective drugs have benefits and risks. The risk may be insignificant or may be acceptable in relation to the drug's therapeutic action. Continuous monitoring of the safety of a drug throughout the duration of its use helps to ensure that its risks and benefits remain acceptable. AstraZeneca is committed to protecting the safety of patients who receive our products.

"Report any suspected Adverse Events to AstraZeneca medications through the established procedures."


Why report Adverse Event?

  • Adverse Event reporting helps AstraZeneca to identify rare and very rare adverse effects
  • Reporting leads to regular review of safety database for new risks or signals.
  • Adverse Event reports help to provide current and accurate updates on safety profiles of the drugs
  • Adverse Event reports help to identify different profiles of known adverse reactions with regards to severity, nature or outcome

What is an adverse event?

An Adverse Event is the development of an undesirable medical condition or the deterioration of a pre-existing medical condition following or during exposure to a pharmaceutical product, whether or not considered causally related to the product.

You may be more familiar with the tern “side effect”

What does this include?

Adverse Event includes undesirable medical condition that can be symptoms (for example nausea, chest pain), signs (for example tachycardia, enlarged liver) or the abnormal results of an investigation (for example laboratory findings, electrocardiogram). Adverse Events are not necessarily caused by the medication – the event just needs to have occurred after taking a medicine and AstraZeneca also collects the reports of :

  • Drug exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Lack of drug effect
  • Drug overdose or medication error
  • Drug abuse or misuse
  • Transmission of infectious agents via an AstraZeneca product
  • Drug Interactions

What to report?

1. Patient identifier

• Who experienced the Adverse Event?

• Patient and reporter identifier is important to avoid case duplication and facilitate follow up of appropriate cases

• The term identifiable in this context refers to the verification of the existence of a patient (e.g. you might provide: sex, age etc)


2. Event description

• What was the Adverse Event?

• Describe the nature of the adverse event, any signs and symptoms and outcome of the event


 3. Reporter

• Who is reporting the Event?

• Give your name, address and phone number as you may need to be contacted for further information

• If you are reporting on behalf of a healthcare professional (e.g. if you are a sales representative), be prepared to also give their details.


4. Drug

• What AstraZeneca product was taken by the patient?

• Provide the name of the AstraZeneca product taken by the patient


If you do not have all the details listed above, please still report the Adverse Event. In addition, you can report any other details you have about the Adverse Event.


Report the Adverse Event even if you don’t think it is serious, relevant or caused by AstraZeneca product.


How to report?

You can report the Adverse Event by using the Adverse Event Report Form. (Insert docs)

Click here to download the Adverse Event Report Form (DOC 93kb)


Contact AstraZeneca Patient Safety at

Tel: +91-80-67748000 (Ext. 8458)

E-mail :


1. CSR Policy

Please click here to read more about the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (PDF 139kb)


2. Young Health Programme

Young Health Programme is AstraZeneca’s global community investment programme and is designed to help young people in need around the world deal with the health issues they face and improve their chances for a better life in the future.

In India, YHP was started in November 2010. The programme is initiated in five resettlement colonies around New Delhi. The focus area of the programme includes addressing health issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health, TB, Dengue, Malaria, Substance Abuse and Life Style diseases.

YHP India has directly been able to reach out to 89,493 young people (40,271 boys and 49,222 girls), and has influenced 84,387 wider community members, including health professionals, educators and policy makers. The YHP trained an additional 818 adolescents as Peer Educators during the second year of operations. The establishment of 15 Health Information Centres (HICs) which act as a forum for the youth. The second vital approach is the training and support of 1,581 Peer Educators (of which 814 are girls, who are actively responsible for delivering health messages to other youngsters in school and communities. YHP India continues to enhance knowledge on health issues and ways to cope with it for adolescents and hopes to reach a larger audience as the year’s progress.

Please click here to read more about the Young Health Programme

Investor Relations

1. Board of Directors 

Board of Directors (PDF 67kb)

Resignation of Directors (PDF 71kb)


2. Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Board Members (PDF 1396kb)

Code of Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading (PDF 416kb)

Code of Ethics for the Employees (PDF 47kb)

Unpaid & Unclaimed Dividend 2018 (XLS 582kb)


3. Financial Information

FR 30 Sept 2019 (PDF 692KB)

FR 30 June 2019 (PDF 496kb)

FR 31 March 2019 (PDF 552kb)

FR 31 Dec 2018 (PDF 428kb)

FR 30 Sep 2018 (PDF 747kb)

FR 30 June 2018 (PDF 518kb)

FR 31 Mar 2018 (PDF 637kb)

FR 31 Dec 2017 (PDF 596kb)

FR 30 Sep 2017 (PDF 920kb)

FR 30 June 2017 (PDF 1.2mb)

FR 31 March 2017 (PDF 1mb)

FR 31 December 2016 (PDF 932kb)

FR 30 September 2016 (PDF 1.2mb)

FR 30 June 2016 (PDF 736kb)

FR 31 Mar 2016 (PDF 1.5mb)

FR 31 Dec 2015 (PDF 1024kb)

FR 30 Sept 2015 (PDF 1015kb)

FR 30 June 2015 (PDF 259kb)

FR 31 Mar 2015 (PDF 1362kb)

FR 31 Dec 2014 (PDF 603kb)

FR 30 Sep 2014 (PDF 1132kb)

FR 30 Jun 2014 (PDF 960kb)

FR 31 Mar 2014 (PDF 922kb)

FR 31 Dec 2013 (PDF 333kb)

FR 30 Sep 2013 (PDF 660kb)

FR 30 Jun 2013 (PDF 736kb)

FR 31 Mar 2013 - May 21 (PDF 609kb)

FR 31 Dec 2012 (PDF 37kb)

FR 30 Sep 2012 (PDF 40kb)

FR 30 Jun 2012 (PDF 409kb)

FR 31 Mar 2012 (PDF 864kb)

FR 31 Dec 2011 (PDF 583kb)

FR 30 Sep 2011 (PDF 350kb)

FR 30 Jun 2011 (PDF 541kb)

FR 31 Mar 2011 (PDF 342kb)

FR 31 Dec 2010 (PDF 525kb)

FR 30 Sep 2010 (PDF 1691kb)

FR 30 Jun 2010 (PDF 654kb)

FR 31 Mar 2010 (PDF 644kb)

FR 31 Dec 2009 (PDF 897kb)

FR 30 Sep 2009 (PDF 455kb)

FR 30 Jun 2009 (PDF 1562kb)

FR 31 Mar 2009 (PDF 816kb)


4. Limited Review Reports

Limited Review Report Q2 2019-20 (PDF 80kb)

Limited Review Report Q1 2019-20 (PDF 88kb)

Audit Report 2018-19 Q4 (PDF 605kb)

Limited Review Report 2018-19 Q3 (PDF 299kb)

Limited Review Report 2018-19 Q2 (PDF 80kb)

Limited Review Report 2018-19 Q1 (PDF 277kb)

Audit Report 2017-18 Q4 (PDF 663kb)

Limited Review Report 2017-18 Q3 (PDF 537kb)

Limited Review Report 2017-18 Q2 (PDF 488kb)

Limited Review Report 2017-18 Q1 (PDF 580kb)

Audit Report 2016-17 (PDF 2.5mb)

Limited Review Report 2016-17 Q3 (PDF 419kb)

Limited Review Report 2016-17 Q2 (PDF 97kb)

Limited Review Report 2016-17 Q1 (PDF 1.1mb)

Audit Report 2015-16_Q4 (PDF 228kb)

Limited Review Report 2015-2016_Q3 (PDF 936kb)

Limited Review Report 2015-16_Q2 (PDF 255kb)  

Limited Review Report 2015 – 16 _Q1 (PDF 288kb)

Audit Report 2014 – 15 Q4 (PDF 374kb)

Limited review report 2014-15_Q3 (PDF 260kb)

Limited Review Report_2014-15_Q2 (PDF 262kb)

Limited Review Report_2014-15_Q1 (PDF 317kb)

Audit Report_2013-2014_Q4 (PDF 250kb)

Limited Review Report_2013-2014_Q3 (PDF 50kb)

Limited Review Report_2013-2014_Q2 (PDF 99kb)

Limited Review Report_2013-2014_Q1 (PDF 73kb)

Limited Review Report_2012-2013_Q4 (PDF 292kb)

Limited Review Report_2012-2013_Q3 (PDF 63kb)

Limited Review Report_2012-2013_Q2 (PDF 247kb)

Limited Review Report_2012-2013_Q1 (PDF 265kb)


 5. Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018-19 (PDF 1.9mb)

Annual Report 2017-18 (PDF 1mb)

Annual Report 2016-17 (PDF 6.4mb)

Annual Report 2015-16 (PDF 1.2mb)

Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF 4284kb)

Annual Report 2013-14 (PDF 2613kb)

Annual Report 2012-13 (PDF 2932kb)

Annual Report 2011-2012 (PDF 1142kb)

Annual_Report 2010-2011 (PDF 13630kb)

Annual Report 2009 (PDF 1646kb)

Annual Report 2008 (PDF 1956kb)


6. Corporate Governance  

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 Sep 2019 (PDF 545KB)

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 June 2019 (PDF 794kb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 March 2019 (PDF 1mb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 Dec 2018 (PDF 832kb)

Report on Coporate Governance - 30 Sept 2018 (PDF 884Kb)

Report on Corporate Governance – 30 June 2018 (PDF (815Kb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 March 2018 (PDF 209kb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 Dec 2017 (PDF 825kb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 Sep 2017 (PDF 1mb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 June 2017

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 March 2017

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 Dec 2016 (PDF 977kb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 Sep 2016 (PDF 1mb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 30 June 2016 (PDF 1mb)

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 March 2016

Report on Corporate Governance - 31 Dec 2015

Clause 49- 30 Sep 2015 (PDF 677kb)

Clause 49 - 30 June 2015 (PDF 680kb)

Clause 49 - 31 March 2015 (PDF 689kb)

Clause 49_ 31 Dec 2014 (PDF 704kb)

Clause 49 - 30 Sep 2014 (PDF 514kb)

Clause 49 - 30 June 2014 (PDF 513kb)

Clause 49 – 31 March 2014 (PDF 531kb)

Clause 49 - 31 December 2013 (PDF 499kb)

Clause 49_30 Sep 2013 (PDF 519kb)

Clause 49 -30 June 2013 (PDF 271kb)

Clause 49- 31 Mar 2013 (PDF 283kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Dec 2012 (PDF 298kb)

Clause 49 - 30 Sep 2012 (PDF 301kb)

Clause 49 -30 June 2012 (PDF 94kb)

Clause 49- 31 Mar 2012 (PDF 99kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Dec 2011 (PDF 100kb)

Clause 49 - 30 Sep 2011 (PDF 96kb)

Clause 49 -30 June 2011 (PDF 94kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Mar 2011 (PDF 106kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Dec 2010 (PDF 145kb)

Clause 49 - 30 Sep 2010 (PDF 98kb)

Clause 49 -30 June 2010 (PDF 114kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Mar 2010 (PDF 142kb)

Clause 49 - 31 Dec 2009 (PDF 96kb)

Clause 49 - 30 Sep 2009 (PDF 108kb)

Clause 49 -30 June 2009 (PDF 140kb)


7. Shareholding Pattern 

Shareholding Pattern 30 Sep 2019 (PDF 704kb)

Shareholding Pattern 30 June 2019 (PDF 3mb)

Shareholding Pattern 31 March 2019 (PDF 1mb)

Shareholding Pattern 31 Dec 2018 (PDF 1mb)

Shareholding Pattern 30 Sep 2018 (PDF 870kb)

Shareholding Pattern 30 June 2018 (PDF 1.3mb)

Shareholding Pattern 31 March 2018 (PDF 1.1mb)

Shareholding Pattern 31 Dec 2017 (PDF 1.3mb)

Shareholding pattern 30 Sep 2017 (PDF 1.3mb)

Shareholding pattern 30 June 2017

Shareholding pattern_31 March, 2017 (PDF 1400kb)

Shareholding pattern 31 Dec 2016 (PDF 1458kb)

Shareholding pattern 30 Sep 2016 (PDF 1.4mb)

Shareholding Pattern 30 June 2016 (PDF 1.6mb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March 2016 (PDF 1.4mb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 December, 2015 (PDF 120kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 September 2015 (PDF 1.1mb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 June 2015 (PDF 1144kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March 2015 (PDF 1304kb)

Shareholding Pattern_ 31 December, 2014 (PDF 1262kb)

Shareholding Pattern 30 September 2014 (PDF 1270kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 June, 2014 (PDF 1281kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March, 2014 (PDF 1291kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 December, 2013 (PDF 1153kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 September 2013 (PDF 1311kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 June, 2013 (PDF 884kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March, 2013 (PDF 859kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 December, 2012 (PDF 76kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 September, 2012 (PDF 966kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 June, 2012 (PDF 1004kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March, 2012 (PDF 904kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 December, 2011 (PDF 770kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 September, 2011 (PDF 697kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 June, 2011 (PDF 970kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March, 2011 (PDF 1039kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 December, 2010 (PDF 1140kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 September, 2010 (PDF 777kb)

Shareholding Pattern_30 June, 2010 (PDF 770kb)

Shareholding Pattern_31 March, 2010 (PDF 573kb)


8. Unclaimed Dividend/ Debenture/ Shares

Details of shares to be transferred to IEPF 2019 (PDF 431kb)

Unpaid & Unclaimed Dividend 2018 (PDF 589kb)

Details of shares to be transferred to IEPF 2018 (PDF 41kb)

Unpaid & Unclaimed Dividend 2017 (XLS 523kb)

Unpaid & Unclaimed Dividend 2016 (XLS 428kb)

Unpaid Dividend, Debenture amount 2015 (XLS 4900kb)

Unclaimed Dividend 2014 (XLS 5246kb)


9. Nodal Officer for IEPF

Nodal Officer for IEPF


10. Presentation & Webcasts

AZPIL Chairman Statement 40th AGM 2019 (PDF 171kb)

AZPIL Corporate Presentation 40th AGM 2019 (PDF 4mb)

AZPIL Corporate Presentation at the 39thAGM 2018 (PDF 1 mb)

AZPIL Corporate Presentation (PDF 1393kb)

AZPIL Corporate Presentation-May-07-13 (PDF 1521kb)


11. Postal Ballot

Postal Ballot Notice (PDF 57kb)

Ballot Form (PDF 61kb)

Result of Postal Ballot (PDF 442kb)

Scrutinizer's Report (PDF 31kb)


12. Investor's Queries

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent

Integrated Registry Management Services Private Limited,

30, Ramana Residency, 4th Cross,

Sampige Road, Malleshwaram,

Bangalore – 560 003


Tel: (080) 23460815-8

Fax: (080) 23460819


Company: AstraZeneca Pharma India Limited


Corporate & Registered Office

Compliance Officer : Pratap Rudra, Company Secretary & Legal Counsel

Block N1, 12th Floor, Manyata Embassy Business Park, 

Rachenahalli, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore – 560045

Investor Grievance Email Id :

Tel: (080) 67748000


13. FAQs for Investors

FAQs for Investors (PDF 317 kb


14. AGM Outcome

Voting Results 40th AGM - (PDF 2mb)

Voting Results 39th AGM - (PDF 959kb)

Report of Scrutinizer 39th - AGM (PDF 574kb)

Voting Results 38th AGM - (PDF 5.1mb)

Report of Scrutinizer 38th AGM - (PDF 2.4mb)

Voting Results 37th AGM - (PDF 1mb)

Report of Scrutinizer 37th AGM - 2016 (PDF 2010kb)

Voting Results of 36th AGM - 2015 (PDF 985kb)

Report of Scrutinizer 36th AGM - 2015 (PDF 1027kb)

Voting Results of 35th AGM - 2014 (PDF 985kb)

Report of Scrutinizer (PDF 1027kb)



15. Policy

Policy on preservation of documents (PDF 95kb)

Nomination and Remuneration Policy (PDF 180kb)

Documents Archival Policy (PDF 82kb)

Policy on determination of materiality of an event / information

Policy on Related Party Transactions (PDF 4mb)

Dividend Distribution Policy (PDF 76kb)

Ethical  Intereactions Policy (PDF 190kb)

Whistle Blowing Policy (PDF 341kb)

GxP Policies & Standards (PDF 3.1mb)

SOP- Expired and Damaged Goods (PDF 1mb)

People Policy India (PDF 109kb)

Policy on prevention of sexual harrasment (PDF 4.2mb)

CSR Policy (PDF 139kb)

Engaging Third Party for services (PDF 161kb)

Patient Safety Standards in India (PDF 1.7mb)

Code of Conduct for the Employees - para on Human Rights (PDF 391kb)

AZ SHE Policy Policy Board (PDF 1mb)

Policy on Responsible lobbying (PDF 77kb)


16. Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director

Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Director (PDF 162kb)


17. Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors

Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors (PDF 24kb)


18. AGM Notice

Notice of AGM 2019 (PDF 161kb)

Notice of AGM 2018 (PDF 160kb)

Notice of AGM 2017 (PDF 137kb)

Notice of AGM 2016 (PDF 128kb)

Notice of AGM 2015 (PDF 193kb)


19. Proxy and Attendance Slip

Proxy and Attendance Slip 2019 (PDF 41kb)


20. Disclosures made to Stock Exchanges 

Intimation under Reg. 30 of SEBI (LODR)_Imfinzi_21.10.2019 (PDF 120kb)

Intimation under Reg. 30 of Listing Regulations_Re-appointment of Narayan K Seshadri (PDF 171kb)

Intimation under Reg. 30 of SEBI Listing Regulations_Re-appointment_Mr. Narayan K Seshadri (PDF 189kb)

Intimation under Reg. 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations_Appointment of Ms. Sarah Wang (PDF 206kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 SEBI (LODR) Regulations Resignation Mr. Greg Mueller (PDF 165kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations Dist Agreement (PDF 234kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations_Press Release_Tagrisso_9 Aug 2018 (PDF 387kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations_Imfinzi_21 June 2018 (PDF 341kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations_Press Release_17 Apr 2018 (PDF 266kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations Xigduo 14 December 2017 (PDF 220kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing Regulations MA Xigduo 16 October 2017 (PDF 744kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI 28 July 2017 (PDF 244kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI 21 July 2017 (PDF 227kb)

Outcome of Board Meeting 29 June 2017 (PDF 191kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI June 2017 (PDF 232kb)

Intimation under Reg.30 of SEBI Listing May 2017 (PDF 254kb)

Outcome of Board Meeting 2 Feb 2017 (PDF 306kb)

Disclosure under Reg. 30 of SEBI Listing Regulations - January 2017 (PDF 255kb)

Outcome of Board meeting 2 Dec 2016 - Change in Directors (PDF 329kb)

Intimation under Reg. 30 of SEBI Listing Regulations - December 2016 (PDF 219kb)

Change in the Compliance officer (PDF 233kb)

Intimation under Reg. 30 of SEBI Listing Regulations (PDF 520kb)

Closure of Share Transfer books and Register of Members (PDF 228kb)

AstraZeneca_Press release 23 March 2016 (PDF 520kb)

Outcome of Board Meeting_2 Dec 2015_Closure of API Unit (PDF 353kb)


21. Contact information of Key Managerial Personnel

Contact information of Key Managerial Personnel


22. Notice of Board Meeting- Financial results 

Notice of Board Meeting 11 Nov 2019 (PDF 140kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 7 August 2019 (PDF 156kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 24 May 2019 (PDF 188kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 6 Feb 2019 (PDF 197kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 13 November 2018 (PDF 203kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 13 August 2018 (PDF 188kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 21 May 2018 (PDF 192kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 5 Feb 2018 (PDF 219kb)

Notice of Board Meeting 6 Nov 2017 (PDF 220mb)

Notice of Board Meeting 8 Aug 2017 (PDF 226kb)

Notice of Board Meeting May 9, 2017 (PDF 230kb)

Notice of Board Meeting Feb 2 2017 (PDF 238kb)

Notice of Board Meeting November 11 2016 (PDF 239kb)

Notice of Board Meeting August 9 2016 (PDF 242kb)

Notice of Board Meeting May 25 2016 (PDF 246kb)

Notice of Board Meeting Feb 6 2016 (PDF 236kb)


23. Newspaper Publications 

Notice of 40th AGM (PDF 613kb)

Interested in joining us?

Driven by AstraZeneca values, we at AZ are resilient and relentless in pursuit of scientific excellence. AZ has a high reputation amongst health care professionals and patients for our quality products.

As employees of AstraZeneca India, we leverage our science and innovation to create value for the patient. Our team of talented professionals adhere to the greatest standards of ethics to serve patients. With over 1200 employees in India, we are always on the lookout for superlative talent to develop and hone responsible professionals and teams.

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