Continuing our CVRM patient-centric strategy at EASD 2018

We’re proud to be showcasing pivotal scientific research at the 54th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) happening this October 1 – 5 in Berlin, Germany.

Our more than 50 abstracts at EASD will take aim at advancing scientific understanding of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic (CVRM) diseases in the context of diabetes, reinforcing our distinctive approach to saving patients’ lives by jointly addressing their CVRM disease risks.

EASD 2018 will provide a look at the impactful work we do with leading academic institutions. These collaborations have helped to elucidate the clinical impact our novel early science compounds and late-stage medicines can have on critical CV, renal and/or metabolic endpoints, all with the purpose of providing the broader medical community with answers that are grounded in today’s clinical practice.

Together, we are delivering industry leading science that will help answer vital clinical questions related to the global burden of cardiovascular, renal and metabolic disease, including type-1 and type-2 diabetes (T1D and T2D) from diverse patient populations around the world.

We believe that by generating such credible research in this meaningful way, we are positioning AstraZeneca at the forefront of the clinical discussion within CVRM.

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Supporting the next generation of leading clinical diabetologists in Europe

In addition to our scientific presence, during EASD the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD) is hosting its second meeting on October 3rd to announce the next five selected recipients of their Future Leaders Mentorship Programme for Clinical Diabetologists, of which AstraZeneca is the sole supporter. The aim of the Mentorship Programme is to identify and promote the advancement of the next generation of leading clinical diabetologists in Europe.

Chosen applicants will have the unique opportunity to take part in a broad range of educational and training opportunities centered around a clinical research project, with leading European clinical diabetologists serving as personal mentors. Through academic guidance, the Mentorship Programme will help mentees develop into leaders by refining their skills in the three cardinal areas of clinical diabetes, research and communication, thereby keeping them in the field of diabetes and facilitating their appointment to senior academic positions at major European institutions.

Following the introduction of the first cohort of Mentees during last year’s EASD Annual Meeting in Lisbon, the initial results from this programme will be presented at this year’s EASD Annual Meeting in Berlin. Presentations will be followed by the inauguration of Mentees into the 2018 cohort.

AstraZeneca at #EASD2018

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