Full-Year and Q4 2015 Results

AstraZeneca announced its 2015 full-year results on Thursday 4 Feburary 2016 at 07:00GMT (08:00CET, 02:00am EST) in London. Presentations were made by Pascal Soriot, CEO; Marc Dunoyer, CFO; Sean Bohen, EVP Global Medicines Development & CMO and Luke Miels, EVP GPPS, Portfolio Strategy & Management. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session. The announcement is also  available at www.astrazeneca.com/investors. An accompanying conference call took place at 12:00GMT (13:00CET, 07:00EST).


Fourth quarter and Full-Year results 2015 press release (PDF 13306kb)

Full-Year and Q4 2015 Results presentation (PDF 1496kb)

Clinical Trials Appendix Q4 2015 update (PDF 2500kb)

Full-Year and Q4 2015 Results transcript (PDF 234kb)

2. Conference call replay

You can access a replay of the conference call here.

A transcript will be made available on http://www.astrazeneca.com/investors.