Patients at the core of partnership

Written by: Jennie Younger

Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca

Every day at AstraZeneca we make decisions with the wellbeing of patients at the core of our consideration. Patients are the ultimate driving force behind our strategy, where partnering is an important part of the lifecycle of our drug development and in all of our collaborations.

We seek out opportunities that leverage pioneering science, where the spark of innovation may translate to a transformational health outcome for patients. Often, this can’t be done alone, and we frequently collaborate with the right partners to bring those ideas to life for the patients that need them.

Policy makers and clinical experts both play a critical role in the health landscape, and as noted in a recent blog post our current work in peripheral arterial disease (PAD) sees us working with these two important stakeholders to bring about awareness and positive change for patients with this under-recognized condition. Earlier this week we were proud to bring together a diverse panel of experts - including academia, policy analysts, and clinical experts - that met in Rome to discuss ways to improve the management of PAD in countries around the world, and to identify actionable solutions that will result in better patient results.

From that meeting numerous work streams will be executed to work together to improve health outcomes for patients with PAD, including a policy paper drafted by the London School of Economics, clinical commentaries, additional collaborations with patient and professional advocacy groups, and local policy discussions. No single group can take on the immense challenge of fundamentally improving the way we manage PAD, but through working together, we can make important strides in ensuring that patients with PAD have access to better care.

We are proud to be able to offer our scientific expertise to our partners and appreciate both their unique perspectives and experience.  We truly believe that working collaboratively in a partnership that is founded on trust and transparency, with mutual goals, is the best and most efficient way to get us to an end where we are all able to contribute to a better future.