Bahija Jallal of MedImmune and Mark O’Connor of AstraZeneca celebrated in Nature article for their perseverance and altruism shown in drug discovery

An article titled ‘Patience for patients’, which was published in this week’s Nature, features interviews with two of our scientists, Bahija Jallal, EVP of AstraZeneca and Head of MedImmune and Mark O’Connor, Chief Scientist, IMED Biotech Unit (Oncology), about their approach to drug discovery.

Bahija explains in the interview that drug discovery can be tedious, hard and long but her ‘passion for her work’ as well as “a very personal investment” have driven her success in drug development, which has resulted in her MedImmune team currently having 50 compounds in clinical development.

Mark’s perseverance during the journey from the discovery to the approval of olaparib is also covered in detail. In the concluding section, Mark identifies meeting a patient who had been taking olaparib as motivating him and his colleagues on difficult days as it “reinforces why we do what we need to do”.

The full Nature article can be found here.


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