MRC opens drug discovery funding applications to work with NiCoLA-B robot as part of our ongoing collaboration

The Medical Research Council (MRC) recently announced that it will provide funding for up to ten high throughput screening (HTS) projects a year to run within the AstraZeneca UK Centre for Lead Discovery. The centre is home to NiCoLa-B, the world’s the world's most advanced drug discovery robot. NiCoLa-B can test up to 300,000 compounds a day and is designed to make drug discovery smarter, faster and cheaper. It can work three times more quickly than previous drug discovery robots and can sense and adapt to the presence of its human workmates.

AstraZeneca’s UK Centre for Lead Discovery offers academic scientists a unique research opportunity, which includes access to advanced compound management facilities, a curated collection of over 2 million compounds, HTS screening robotics in the form of NiCoLA-B and multiple state-of-the-art assay platform technologies.

The MRC call for funding proposals is now open and more information about the opportunity can be found here:



We have also made NiCoLA-B available to our research partners through Open Innovation, our pioneering programme for sharing our compounds, technology and expertise with academic and industry collaborators. The MRC, along with Cancer Research UK, are the first research partners to work with NiCoLA-B, side-by-side with AstraZeneca scientists. By combining our expertise, we are advancing the discovery and development of innovative medicine across a range of diseases with substantial unmet medical need.  



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