Nobel prize inspiration initiative - Sir Tim Hunt leads program in Germany to initiate scientific exchange


Since 2010, AstraZeneca and the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative (NPII) have been running a joint-cooperation to initiate scientific exchange among young scientists and Nobel laureates. During lectures and roundtable discussions, students from various degrees of education can directly interact with the laureate, discussing latest developments in medicine and biology as well as posing questions as to how to plan and organize their personal careers.


For the event in 2017, we’ve had the honour of Sir Tim Hunt visiting Germany. He received his Nobel Prize in 2001 together with Paul Nurse and Leland Hartwell for their discoveries concerning cell cycle regulation.


Tim visited the Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center in Berlin where he met senior leaders and students and had a chance to see the Microscope Core Facility of the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence. Tim then travelled to Heidelberg to visit the German Cancer Research Center where he executed the same program. More than 500 students participated at both events and provided awesome feedback on its value and their appreciation that a pharmaceutical company is supporting such an event.


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