Your Voice Has Power! Share your voice and raise awareness on World Ovarian Cancer Day

At AstraZeneca we are committed to raising awareness of ovarian cancer to ensure that every woman is fully informed about the symptoms and the impact of the disease, and so we are pleased to report that we will again be supporting World Ovarian Cancer Day this year, on Monday 8th May.

Ovarian cancer is the seventh most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide.1 Symptoms are often mistaken for less serious illnesses, which can delay diagnosis, and a significant proportion of patients are diagnosed after the cancer has spread.2 Diagnosis at an early stage has a five year survival of more than 90%; unfortunately only 15% of women will be diagnosed at stage 1.3 Knowledge is our best defence against this often life-changing disease.

World Ovarian Cancer Day is a great opportunity to join in the global conversation and help educate women about the key symptoms and risk factors of ovarian cancer. AstraZeneca have supported World Ovarian Cancer Day for the past three years and are looking forward to continuing our commitment this year with a campaign that supports the official WOCD theme ‘Your Voice Has Power’.

Your Voice Has Power: Share your voice

We would like to encourage you to share your voice to raise awareness of ovarian cancer by using our new voice visualisation tool, available at The tool enables you to create an image of your voice and we ask that you share this on social media to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and encourage others to do the same. Remember to tag @AstraZeneca on Twitter!

For more information about World Ovarian Cancer Day and ovarian cancer visit:


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Date of preparation: 04/05/2017

Date of expiry: 04/05/2018


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