Demonstrating healthcare IOT leadership in China

AstraZeneca China showcased some of its most innovative healthcare practices this week, participating in the World Internet of Things (WIOT) Exposition in Wuxi, China from 7–10 September for a fourth consecutive year.

Using virtual reality and scenario simulation to provide an immersive and interactive experience, AstraZeneca presented a range of innovative medical solutions and applications which employ cutting-edge technologies like Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data, 5G and AI to empower smart healthcare and improve patient experiences.

These included six newly launched holistic disease management solutions, including the China Pharmacy Innovation Center, which enables medication to be intelligently prescribed using the Xiao Bai pharmacy robot and an AI virtual pharmacist. These six new solutions build on the existing eight solutions at AstraZeneca’s Healthcare IOT Innovation Center in Wuxi, China.


AstraZeneca is leading the way in healthcare IOT with our solutions now adopted in over 1,400 hospitals in China in the past two years. Many of our programmes have also been introduced abroad with over 700 paediatric nebulisation rooms being established across multiple countries and cancer screening programmes extended to more than 11 of our markets.

Leon Wang EVP International and Country President, China

Early screening and diagnosis to prevent and treat major diseases

The latest solutions follow the success of AstraZeneca’s existing innovation programmes in China, which integrate both diagnosis and treatment to benefit patients in China and beyond. These include the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, which focuses on early screening, intervention and prevention, in collaboration with hospitals. So far, community early screening programmes have been introduced in 30 provinces, screening more than 38,000 people.

Major disease prevention and control is a priority in order to build a Healthy China, and the Wuxi Municipal Government now plans to expand the early screening and diagnosis of cancer to other disease areas.

Win-win co-operation to accelerate innovation in technology

During this year’s WIOT, AstraZeneca signed memoranda of strategic cooperation with several partners, including Huawei and China Mobile Jiangsu, who will collaborate on 5G-based medical innovation programmes for ‘Internet Plus Smart Hospitals’ and developing a digital platform for doctors.  Further innovative partnerships were agreed with Omron, to co-explore the application of advanced respiratory medical instruments across prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and also with Ping An Technology, to improve the early screening and diagnosis of renal diseases and build a multi-level diagnosis and treatment system based on digital healthcare.

AstraZeneca is exploring the integration of emerging technologies including 5G and AI, to build a closed loop for the management of diseases from the hospital to the home.

Leon Wang EVP International and Country President, China

AstraZeneca will continue to work with all partners to build an open, collaborative, ‘win-win’ innovative health ecosystem in China and explore new and exciting opportunities to develop digital platforms, provide equal and quality medical services to both urban and rural residents, and empower medical institutions to enable them to benefit more patients.