LVNG With Lung Cancer

29 February 2020 – a #GiftedDay

The LVNG With Lung Cancer (LVNG With) community connects and activates people living with lung cancer and their loved ones to help fight feelings of despair and isolation. The program’s goal is to move people from coping to living with lung cancer. The program is active in 14 countries* and supports a community of over 265,000 people who have come together to share hope, strength, and love. The community continues to grow larger and more inspiring.

A #GiftedDay

LVNG With is about celebrating every second, every moment of life. And who better to appreciate an extra day of life, then people for whom every day is a gift? February 29th, 2020 is Leap Day – an extra 24 hours of living that only comes along every four years: a #GiftedDay indeed.

On our country and global social media channels we’re featuring a #GiftedDay campaign to remind people on how special an extra day of life really is, which is especially true for people living with lung cancer and their loved ones. We want to invite everyone to share their appreciation for the extra day through social comments and using the hashtag. How will you spend your #GiftedDay?

About the ‘LVNG With’ program

Lung cancer isn’t just the deadliest cancer in the world – it’s also the loneliest.  People assume that if you have lung cancer, you are or were a smoker and therefore, you caused your lung cancer.  This stigma, which is so debilitating and isolating, is what inspired AstraZeneca to create the LVNG With Lung Cancer Program (LVNG With), which connects and empowers people living with lung cancer. 

By providing support, education, resources, and tools, LVNG With enables a network of people living with lung cancer and their loved ones to connect and create a supportive community.  LVNG With embraces survivors as people – not patients – at every step of their experience, encouraging members to express whatever they are feeling – because every feeling is the right feeling.  LVNG With content is neither formulated nor polished, because lung cancer isn’t.  LVNG With inspires advocacy and spreads stories of hope and first-hand advice from people who understand.  One-hundred percent authentic stories are told by people who are living with lung cancer, with their real words, photos, and reactions.  This “for the people, by the people” approach is the heart and soul of LVNG With and it is what inspires and connects the community. 


*Countries with a ‘LVNG With’ community or website with information for people living with lung cancer

** Germany and Sweden have websites with information for people living with lung cancer that preceded the LVNG With program.