Putting quality of life into focus for cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular (CV) disease represents not only a significant cost to our global economy, but a profound emotional and physical burden on every patient living with CV disease. Managing CV disease can cause a patient to experience growing levels of anxiety and depression that in turn limits social interaction.3 Alongside the physical impact, the emotional and social burden of cardiovascular disease can strongly affect a patient’s quality of life.  

Quality of life is one of the most important components of the patient experience but can be overlooked as part of a person’s ongoing care. Understanding and incorporating quality of life is integral to furthering our ambition to create a seamless pathway to better management of cardiovascular disease. But we cannot change this alone – we recognise the importance of standing in partnership with the patient community and consider how we can improve quality of life for people with cardiovascular disease.

We value our ongoing work with patient organisations and stakeholders across Europe, discussing improvements needed in cardiovascular disease management and how to best empower the voice of people with cardiovascular disease. The One Heart Alliance has a singular mission: ensure cardiovascular care is truly built around the patient in order to improve outcomes and quality of life.4

For too long our healthcare systems have considered only morbidity and mortality rates. Now it is time to focus on the person, as people with cardiovascular disease put more weight on quality of life, which not only contributes to improve mental health but also increases longevity. Quality of life needs to be considered as a key factor if we want to improve healthcare outcomes.

Alan Keys, Cardiovascular Care Partnership

When we first convened last fall, we agreed that the best way to empower people with cardiovascular disease was by inspiring them to become active in their journey by improving their awareness of their condition. Indeed, increased engagement from people with cardiovascular disease in their day-to-day health, can lead to improved quality of life.4

That’s why, in its first common project, the One Heart Alliance is working to make cardiovascular guidelines easier to understand for people with cardiovascular disease, who are often inundated with complex information from multiple sources advising on how to manage their disease and adhere to necessary therapeutic interventions. Understandably, this can be overwhelming or hard to digest. We’re working to develop patient-friendly pathway with the patient and medical community, simplifying leading clinical guidance to make it more accessible to people with cardiovascular disease and inspire productive discussions between patients, their caregivers and healthcare providers.

In order to enable people with cardiovascular disease to have an active role during their journey, using language and wording that resonate to them is essential. People with cardiovascular disease will be truly empowered only if they fully understand the different stages of their journey.

Luciana Valente, Project Manager presso Senior International for Health Association

Following the launch of the patient-friendly pathway later this year, the One Heart Alliance will continue to develop initiatives to support people with cardiovascular disease in becoming active participants in the management of their disease(s) and to improve quality of life.

We are proud to stand with these patient groups, coming together to drive better disease management, improved outcomes and decreased mortality rates. 

About the One Heart Alliance

Values – the One Heart Alliance believes in:

  • Patient-centric, collaborative and holistic approaches to healthcare.
  • An interactive and collaborative partnership between doctors and patients.
  • The possibility for patients to be active participants in the management of their disease through knowledge about their disease and treatment.
  • The recognition of the importance of the quality of life of the patients’ as a central pillar of modern healthcare systems.
  • The opportunities offered by digital technologies when it comes to empowering patients to manage their conditions more independently.  


  • Alliance du Cœur
  • AstraZeneca
  • Bulgarian National Patients' Organization
  • Cardioalianza
  • Cardiovascular Care Partnership
  • Fixing Dad
  • Moja Druga Sansa
  • Pumping Marvellous Foundation
  • Senior International Health Association


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Veeva ID: Z4-26186 | Date of preparation: August 2020