Working at the intersection of innovation, technology and product development, I manage the external innovation portfolio for protein engineering in R&D. This includes identifying novel technologies for our core therapeutic areas, as well as emerging platforms like cell therapy, peptide delivery, oral biologics and adeno associated virus (AAV), and building next generation antibody conjugate technologies for tissue targeting and to prevent off target toxicity.

My role sees me liaise closely with our therapeutic area heads and business development colleagues to lead and execute the evaluation of novel technologies through data-driven feasibility studies. I also design and run open innovation challenges and scientific advisory boards to ensure we address internal gaps and identify the most exciting technologies and collaborators.

With over 20 years of experience in pharma/biotech, I started my career as a research scientist in academia after gaining my PhD from Purdue University in Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering.

Over my career, I have led teams to secure a number of novel drug delivery approvals such as an injectable biologic drug-device combination product, an active transdermal patch and a dry powder inhalation device. I also have more than 25 peer reviewed publications and 2 book chapters, as well as several granted patents.


2017: Global excellence award for the best patent


2013: Exceptional Team Performance award


Vice President, Protein Engineering, R&D


Developed and led nanoparticle-based drug delivery strategies for immune targeting and novel nano antibody drug conjugates for targeted delivery, and provided leadership and successfully executed several digital health clinical pilots using connected devices and sensors


Invited speaker at the Translational Oncology Program at Stanford (TOPS)


Led a team that secured approval for an injectable biologic drug-device combination product and developed disruptive drug delivery approaches for the portfolio

 Featured publications

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