With diverse experience as a nurse, in public health, sustainability and healthcare, I spent the first years of my career in research hospitals, local and federal government, and non-governmental organisations before joining AstraZeneca in the Global Sustainability and Access to Healthcare team.

This gave me a deep insight and understanding into supporting access to healthcare for diverse patient populations, building programmes for social impact and delivering positive results for people, communities and organisations.

I feel privileged to be part of an incredible team involved in helping to tackle complex societal and health challenges driven by a long-term, sustainable mindset. We know that access to healthcare has been identified as one of the biggest global challenges that the world has to address, with people in low- and middle-income countries disproportionately impacted by rising global rates of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and chronic respiratory conditions, compared with their wealthier neighbours.1

We’re addressing some of the greatest public health issues in a generation and the work we’re doing truly matters to the lives of patients.

Andrea Nance Associate Director, Global Sustainability, Access to Healthcare

With the pandemic putting the resilience of health systems across the world under enormous stress, we were delighted to receive recognition in the 2021 Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) for our role in health system strengthening, translating global calls for action into our work on the ground to address the local needs of health systems, health professionals and patients.

Cross-industry initiatives like ATMI represent a vital platform to share progress, learnings and best practice, and to continue improving how collectively we can best meet the needs of patients. ATMI is not only a platform for all of us to learn and share, but also encourages us to continually improve our performance in Access to Healthcare.

But beyond any single achievement, the growing commitment to Access to Healthcare within the business, as evidenced by the breadth of our initiatives, truly makes me proud. There’s still much to do but the momentum is strong and our focus on patients globally is clear.

1. World Economic Forum. Available at: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/02/who-healthcare-challenges-2020s-climate-conflict-epidemics/. Last accessed January 2021.


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