I work as Associate Transaction Director in the Business Development Operations team. My job is to negotiate deals for late-stage projects and marketed products.  This includes licensing and divestment deals as well as partnerships with companies large and small.

My job is interesting and multi-faceted and gives me the opportunity to interact with smart and highly dedicated colleagues from many functions to realise the full potential of each transaction.

Every deal is different and comes with its own unique and interesting challenges and opportunities. As the deal team lead, I’m responsible for ensuring that any challenges are resolved and that a common understanding is reached to help us close a win-win deal.

I find my job very stimulating as it requires creativity and extensive interaction with colleagues and partners and provides continuous learning opportunities. But what is most important to me is that what we do makes a real difference – for AstraZeneca, for our partners and for the patients that we want to help.

I’m inspired by the fact that my colleagues and I can make a real difference. Our work brings value to AstraZeneca and our partners and most importantly, can have a positive impact on the lives of patients.

Åsa Sjöholm Timén, PhD Associate Transaction Director, Business Development Operations

My entire career has been in life sciences, including senior roles in biotech, big pharma and in Contract Research Organisations. This has given me an entrepreneurial mindset and broad experience in the areas of corporate business development, global deal-making and strategic alliances.

I have a solid scientific background with a PhD in organic chemistry. Since joining the AstraZeneca Respiratory and Inflammation discovery organization in the mid-90s, I have been fortunate to work with different indications, personalised medicine and Med Tech projects. These experiences are valuable not only in my every day job, but also when working with the AstraZeneca Exchange Business Mentoring programme. This is a programme through which we support life science entrepreneurs in collaboration with incubators in Sweden. Business-to-business mentoring is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge and expertise that benefits start-ups within the Life Science community and the broader ecosystem, as well as AstraZeneca.

In my spare time, I enjoy sports and being outdoors.  I also take the opportunity to use my camera whenever I can. Mostly, I focus my lens on the wonders of nature but now also capture lots of images of my daughter. Another passion is horses and riding, which I have enjoyed since young. Until my daughter came into my life, I spent a significant part of my spare time with my horse at the local riding club, where I was also a board member for more than ten years. During some of this time, I was the chairman and vice chairman of the board and led the riding school together with a colleague. Having once learnt how to ride, take responsibility and leadership of the beautiful but strong horses in riding schools, it became important for me that this opportunity should also be available to others. It is an excellent way for all, and often girls, to grow and have great fun at the same time.