I come from a computer science background. I did my engineering in India with Information Technology as my specialisation. I began my career in mainframe security but soon fell in love with new technologies and the way start-ups utilise them.

I spent two years at a start up, which afforded me the chance to be a full stack web application developer and experiment with a number of cloud technologies. Once the application was developed and pushed, we started focusing on building analytics around it. Those were early days of data science!

I find it beautiful to observe patterns in data, in your everyday life and even in the entire universe. Fascinated by the ability of humans to interpret and learn without being instructed, I wanted to delve a bit deeper into the ways humans learn and try to simulate them in machines.

I pursued my masters in Big Data Science from Queen Mary University of London and joined AstraZeneca shortly after graduation, in 2017. Here I lead exciting data science projects in an internal consultancy primarily focused on Finance.

I work as a data scientist aligned to Finance projects. Everyday when I get into work and open my laptop, I know for sure my work will directly or indirectly help patient lives.

Ashiq Ariff Data Scientist


Data Scientist


Masters in Big Data Science - Queen Mary University of London


B.Tech in Information Technology - Anna University, Chennai