In my role, I lead Digital Health in Research & Development (R&D) for three key focus areas: Oncology; Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism; and Respiratory and Immunology. Our cross-functional team takes a scientific, evidence-based approach – harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, data science and digital technology – to accelerate the delivery of new medicines to patients.

I have held senior leadership roles across global commercial, in-country commercial, finance and R&D in the ten years that I have been with AstraZeneca. Most recently, I led a global transformation in clinical development across R&D functions, focusing on patients’ experience and outcomes.

Transforming patients’ experience and outcomes through the use of innovative technologies is what drives our Digital Health team. I am proud of our team’s work and dedication to our goals to accelerate the delivery of new medicines to patients, redefine clinical trials to be more patient centric using digital technologies that improve how clinical trials are run, and work with our global strategic partners to transform the entire patient journey—connecting prediction, prevention, management and treatment of patients more rapidly.

Prior to joining AstraZeneca, I was a senior management consultant at Accenture, leading large transformation programmes, including the joint venture of two technology companies to what is now a major retailer, guiding business transformation strategy reviews, and implementing global change initiatives for large telecoms.

I am passionate about innovation and increasing enterprise value by inspiring organisations to change for the future, and have spoken about using innovative technologies to transform patient’s lives at conferences including the Digital Health World Congress and the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference. I am a chartered accountant and certified Six Sigma. After earning a degree in biology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, I pursued studies in marketing, finance and information systems, and completed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leading Enterprise Transformation programme.

This is a very exciting time at AstraZeneca R&D. New technologies are allowing us to reimagine healthcare and improve patient experiences and outcomes. Innovations have improved our ability to predict, prevent and treat patients’ conditions more effectively. Digital technologies have reinvented our approach to clinical trials –allowing us to select study populations that better reflect real-world demographics, and enabling us to minimise research disruption during a pandemic.

Cristina Durán Chief Digital Health Officer, R&D


Received Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Prize in 2003: ranked first out of 4,314 students globally.


Chief Digital Health Officer, R&D


Delivered a number of solutions aimed at maximising patient benefits and the value of digital technologies, data and analytics, as Vice President, Transformation, Global R&D for AstraZeneca. These included accelerating studies by median of nine months, reducing the cost of phase III trials by 20%, improving patient experience outcomes through digital therapeutics, and increasing data quality by more than 40%.


As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Global Medicines Development, R&D for AstraZeneca, developed a plan that led to the best years of R&D delivery in the company’s history, while significantly reducing costs.


Led the German market strategy review process as CFO, AstraZeneca in Germany. Galvanised line managers across all functions; set top priorities for the market, including market access, digital technology and growth in specialty care; and oversaw investments to maximise new product launches with a focus in oncology.