I joined AstraZenenca in April 2017 as an Early Phase Medical Oncologist. Previously I spent 12 years as a practising clinician at The University of Manchester and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust where I was medical lead for the Experimental Cancer Medicine Team.

My interest is in first-in-human, first-in-class and Phase 1 clinical trials of novel agents. As Director Physician in Early Phase Oncology, I lead the clinical development of a range of experimental therapies. I review clinical data from the Phase I/II trials and provide input on the strategic direction of the programme.

At AstraZeneca we have an exciting portfolio of pipeline drugs, particularly in the DNA Damage Response arena. This offers me a unique opportunity to contribute to scientifically driven combination trials and comparative studies to aid investment decisions.

My biggest motivation is giving patients the opportunity to access exciting new therapies to treat cancer. At AstraZeneca, I can do this by interacting with investigators across the world and have the privilege of working with an exceptional team of colleagues. Together, our drive and ambition allow me to make a difference on a scale much greater than that I could hope to achieve in academia.

At AstraZeneca there is a passion to drive forward through the science but with a patient-centric focus. This is important when planning a clinical trial and also when a study is recruiting, achieved by forging great relationships with investigators to ensure proactive and collaborative dialogue.

The training at AstraZeneca gives clinicians an unparalleled technical understanding of drug-development processes that is rarely available in clinical academia. AstraZeneca offers an environment in which physicians who are intelligent, inquisitive and with a passion to learn can thrive. As an integral part of my professional role, I am able to maintain my clinical practice through one clinical session per week as part of my professional charitable activities. 

At AstraZeneca I have the privilege of working with an exceptional team whose drive and ambition allow me to make a difference on a much greater scale.

The training at AstraZeneca gives clinicians a technical understanding of drug-development decisions and processes that is rarely available in clinical academia.

2016 National Researcher of the Year

The Christie Research and Education Awards

2014 Experimental Cancer Medicine Team

Leading cancer care, The Christie Staff Awards

2013 ESMO Award

Contribution to the ESMO Fellowship Programme


2012-2017 leading a 300% increase in trials activity at The Christie under my tenure.

2017 the first recipient of the Diploma in Experimental Therapeutics from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

2016 Invited speaker at the European Society for Medical Oncology conference

2016 Successful application to Cancer Research UK to support an investigator-initiated commercial Phase Ib trial

Featured publications

Phase I dose-finding and pharmacokinetic study or eribulin-liposomal formulation in patients with solid tumours

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