I joined AstraZeneca in February 2016, as Associate Director Physician in the CDU, within Early Clinical Development.

My role involves me working with discovery scientists to validate drug targets pre-phase I and conducting translational research in collaboration with academic units. I also provide line of sight and clinical insight into drug-development plans.


Being able to treat patients on trials and in the real-world setting, as well as being involved in drug discovery – sometimes even before the clinical stage – is a privilege.

Leila Khoja, PhD Associate Director Physician in AstraZeneca’s Clinical Discovery Unit (CDU), Cambridge, UK

I underwent medical oncology training at the Christie Cancer Centre in Manchester. During this time I was awarded an AstraZeneca Cancer Research UK Clinical Fellowship to begin my doctoral studies into the prevalence and biomarker utility of circulating tumour cells in melanoma and pancreatic carcinomas at different stages of disease. I was awarded my PhD in Cancer Studies by the University of Manchester in 2013.


I knew from my PhD days how integral the science was to AstraZeneca and how committed it was to investing in science-led drug development, including biomarkers, which was the subject of my PhD.

Leila Khoja, PhD Associate Director Physician in AstraZeneca’s Clinical Discovery Unit (CDU), Cambridge, UK

After my award of Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in medical oncology in the UK I undertook a two-year medical oncology fellowship programme at the University of Toronto and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Here, I published a number of abstracts and peer-reviewed articles, and was selected to attend the AACR/ASCO clinical trials workshop in 2014.

I hold an honorary medical oncology consultant post at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, where my tumour of interest is melanoma.


Improving patient care and outcomes are everything. I am proud to be part of a diverse, talented group of people all working with one aim – to improve patient outcomes.

Leila Khoja, PhD Associate Director Physician in AstraZeneca’s Clinical Discovery Unit (CDU), Cambridge, UK

Genitourinary Medical Oncologists of Canada Award

Third-place recipient

Canadian Institute of Health Research

Melanoma grant

AstraZeneca Cancer Research UK

Three-year research fellowship

Exploring immunomodulation in COPD with a view to conducting a phase II study. This is a tremendously exciting opportunity to explore a therapeutic modality that hasn’t been used to date in COPD but which could potentially greatly impact the disease.

Potential opportunities for therapeutic gene editing. I am part of the team tasked with proposing a strategy for developing therapeutic gene editing using CRISPR technology. We have already had one project approved in RIA to develop a therapeutic strategy for alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency. The possibility of curing patients with these kinds of therapies is incredibly exciting

Being the first to explore the biomarker role of circulating tumour cells (CTC) in melanoma using a specialist veridex melanoma kit. This work formed part of my PhD thesis and enabled me to explore and contrast different platforms for CTC detection in melanoma and other tumour types. I had several articles published in peer-reviewed journals that have contributed meaningfully to the current literature on CTCs in oncology as a biomarker.

I was fortunate to train in a leading centre in the UK and to follow this up with a post-CCST fellowship in the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada. The breadth of experience from these centres – and, particularly, the breadth and depth of clinical-trial exposure and training in immunotherapy at Princess Margaret across different tumour types – was fascinating and rewarding, as this was at a time when the first approvals of anti-PD-1 agents alone and in combination, were coming through.

Featured publications



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Prostate cancer

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Upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary and pancreatic carcinomas

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General translational papers in oncology

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Health outcomes in oncology

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Review articles/Editorials

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