Mark did his first degree in Chemistry at Leicester University in 1992, where he spent his industrial placement year at Merck, Sharpe & Dohme as a medicinal chemist.

After qualifying with a first class honours degree, he started working on the development of optical brightening agents at Hickson & Welch fine chemicals in 1996. Mark began his PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Leeds in 1997, where he worked on tandem palladium catalysed-cycloaddition reactions. His PhD was sponsored by Zeneca agrochemicals, and he spent a short period of time at their research centre, Jealott’s Hill.

After successfully completing his PhD in 2000, he relocated to Austin, Texas to take up a position at the University of Texas as a postdoctoral research associate. In Austin, he focused on the total synthesis of a natural product. In 2002, he took up a position at AstraZeneca in the Process, Research and Development department in Macclesfield. Since then, he has worked on many projects across the different phases of clinical development and also spent 18 months on secondment in Analytical Science. Recently, he led the development of the DS area of the MEK inhibitor project.

What drives me the most is solving difficult problems, in collaboration with others, for the benefit of the patient and the business.

Mark Fielding


Chemical development of a MEK inhibitor and drug substance development


Development of a scalable new route to AZD8330 at Organic, Process Research & Development conference, San Diego, 2010


A Practical Approach for Using Solubility to Design Cooling Crystallisations


Isoindolone Formation via Intramolecular Diels–Alder Reaction

  Featured publications

Annulative Synthesis of 2-Quinolones

Cascade Palladium-Catalyzed Alkenyl Aminocarbonylation/Intramolecular Aryl Amidation: An Annulative Synthesis of 2-Quinolones . Tadd AC, Matsuno A, Fielding MR, Willis MC; Organic Letters 2009: 11(3), 583-586

Palladium-Catalyzed Tandem Cyclization—Anion Capture Processes

Palladium-Catalyzed Tandem Cyclization—Anion Capture Processes. Part 8. In situ and Preformed Organostannanes. Carbamyl Chlorides and Other Starter Species. Usman Anwar, Mark R Fielding, Ronald Grigg, Visuvanathar Sridharan, Christopher J. Urch: Journal of Organometallic Chemistry; 691(8); 1476-1487 (08/2006)

Copper-catalysed benzofuran synthesis

Copper-catalysed benzofuran synthesis: developing aryl bromide–alkenyl triflates as general heterocycle precursors. Tadd AC, Fielding MR, Willis MC. Tetrahedron Letters 2007; 48(43), 7578-7581


AstraZeneca GMD award 2012