I am part of AstraZeneca´s Global Real Estate team, which manages and develops AstraZeneca's real estate portfolio worldwide. In other words, Global Real Estate is responsible for our property portfolio, and works to create efficient, sustainable and inspiring workplaces. This includes everything from investing in new real estate, to developing existing work environments that give our employees the opportunity to realize their visions. As the "EMEA Regional Director for Global Real Estate", I am leading a team in charge of optimizing and developing properties within the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Our employees are the company's most important asset. By collaborating across different functions in our organization, we can create inspiring, efficient and sustainable workplaces. These workplaces stimulate collaboration and creativity, and are thereby helping us to deliver new innovate medicines.

Ramon Nogueras Regional Director EMEA, Global Real Estate

I was born in Barcelona, Spain and I hold a Bachelor´s and Master's degree in Business Administration from ESADE Business & Law School, with a focus on finance studies. I started my career in 1991 at KPMG as an accountant and financial advisor. In 1995, I started working at Werfen Life, a life science company specialised in in-vitro diagnostics and medical equipment, where for 11 years I worked in various roles in Spain, France and Sweden. In 2006, I moved to China to start a subsidiary of one of Spain's largest real estate companies. When the global financial crisis hit the markets in the fall of 2008, the project froze, and I moved back to Sweden.

I started my AstraZeneca career in 2009 as Program Director on Global Engineering Projects in Södertälje. In 2010, I became Director of Global Engineering Projects in Sweden, a role I had for three years. Between 2013 and 2015, I was Project Director for EMEA within the Global Real Estate team before taking up his current role as Regional director of EMEA.