I serve as a Global Product Leader in Late Stage Oncology Research and Development at AstraZeneca. In my role, I lead global development teams for oncology compounds from the start of Phase 3 clinical trials through to launch and beyond.

I am most passionate about science and people. I began my career in academia but have spent the past two decades focused on oncology research and development at AstraZeneca because I am driven to help people living with cancer. My work at AstraZeneca is a perfect combination of my passions – we have an extremely robust product pipeline underpinned by exceptional science, and we take a truly patient-centric approach.

Over the years, I have held bioscience, translational science and project leadership roles in both early and late stage development, across AstraZeneca’s oncology franchises, with recent particular focus in breast cancer. I was the early project leader of the team that discovered a targeted therapy in EGFR+ lung cancer.

I also have significant expertise in breast cancer having led the team which defined strategy for breast cancer therapy development across AstraZeneca and MedImmune. I am currently leading an estrogen receptor targeting project in late oncology and have co-authored more than 35 peer-reviewed publications including papers in Nature, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Discovery and J Cell Science.

Before joining AstraZeneca, I gained my PhD in cell biology and embryonic development at the University of Manchester and worked at a start-up biotech focused on wound healing.


I am passionate about making a difference by bringing new medicines and innovations to patients, working collaboratively with industry, academia and the patients themselves.

Teresa Klinowska Global Product Leader, Oncology R&D


2018: Invited panelist for US Food and Drug Administration Public Workshop: Clinical Trials to Optimize Outcomes in Early Breast Cancer, Washington DC.


2019: Shortlisted for AstraZeneca’s R&D award for delivering a training workshop to China’s Food and Drug Administration / Center for Drug Evaluation


2013: AstraZeneca CEO award for exceptional delivery in ‘Achieving Scientific Leadership’

Teresa Klinowska


Global Product Leader, Oncology R&D

2014 – 2019

Led global, cross-functional, oncology project teams from preclinical to Phase 3 preparation; also served as the global lead of the AstraZeneca/Medimmune breast cancer tumour strategy team

2011 – 2014

Held increasing levels of responsibility as a Principal Scientist within AstraZeneca’s Oncology Innovation Medicines Unit including building a global, cross-functional breast disease area team to define and execute strategy for breast and female cancers. During these years, also served as pre-clinical lead for Phase 2 assets building the scientific hypotheses and devising the strategy for clinical trials in breast, gastric, colorectal, renal, among others.

2009 – 2011

Served as a Translational Science Strategist within AstraZeneca Oncology and as Early Project Leader of the team that discovered a targeted therapy in EGFR+ lung cancer

 Featured publications

A randomized, window of opportunity study comparing the effects of the novel oral SERD AZD9496 with fulvestrant in patients with ER+ HER2- primary breast cancer.

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Building bridges in a series of estrogen receptor degraders: an application of metathesis in medicinal chemistry.

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HO-1 drives autophagy as a mechanism of resistance against HER-2 targeted therapies.

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