Inspiring confidence and capability through coaching and feedforward

Taking accountability for our actions and to help others learn and grow is part of what makes us a high-performing team.

Delivering life-changing medicines to patients is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our people are entrusted to make a contribution to society through innovative science and we expect great things from them, which is why we invest in helping every employee reach their full potential. One way that we do this is supporting individuals to continually develop confidence and capabilities in their role with everyday coaching and ‘feedforward’. We call it ‘feedforward’ because we believe in the power of looking ahead towards future possibilities, not behind us.

Underpinning the way we encourage personal growth are our company Values and behaviours; one of which is ‘I am accountable for my actions and the success of AstraZeneca’ under our Value of ‘We Do the Right Thing.’ For us this means that every employee is empowered to look at the way they work and consider what they can continue or do differently in the future for better outcomes. Everyday coaching and feedforward is a tool for colleagues to guide and support each other in this process, to help us be the best teams that we can be.

Hear from two of our colleagues – Pablo Olano, Regional Manager in Argentina and Heather Vanderploeg, Regional Liaison Director in the US – about how they and their teams have used coaching and feedforward.

Being accountable for our actions and the success of others and our organisation is how we work as a global team to make a difference to society and patients.

Do you have what it takes to be accountable for our organisation’s success and help others around you grow? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our open roles