Why an inclusive culture and leveraging the strength and diversity of our teams is fundamental to our success

Empowering people to make decisions, unlock their potential and take control of their career

One of our core beliefs at AstraZeneca is that having an inclusive environment where we unlock the potential in our employees is fundamental to our success. This is embedded in our Values and behaviours to guide us on how we each contribute to a supportive culture. For example, one of our company behaviours underneath our Value of ‘We Play to Win’ is, ‘I build high performing, inclusive and diverse teams that collaborate across the enterprise’.

One way that we encourage personal growth is through inclusive leadership where we value our differences and support one another’s aspirations. What does this look like in practice at AstraZeneca? Kiersten Combs, Vice President CVMD US shared her experience of how we live this behaviour and demonstrate inclusive leadership.

Being champions of inclusion and diversity is one of the foundations of our People strategy because we know it’s good for our teams and our business. Gender is only one measure of diversity, but it is an important one. In recent years, we have had equal representation between men and women within our workforce and we’re aiming for the same at management levels by 2025.

Our dedicated offerings to support women in their career journeys at our organisation is one element of our approach, but ultimately we know that having people that value differences and encourage each other in their career goals is how we’ll achieve growth. Both as individuals and as an organisation.

Helping people continuously develop in their careers is our ongoing commitment. For opportunities to grow with us, check out our open roles.