Innovative Medicines and Early Development (IMED) Biotech Unit 2017 - A year in review

Delivering the next wave of scientific innovation

The IMED Biotech Unit is now in a better position than ever to enable the translation of innovative science into medicines.

2017 marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. The diversity of our pipeline is pushing the boundaries of science, delivering the next wave of innovation in small molecules and beyond, and strengthening our position as a thought leader in precision medicine and genomics.

This has been achieved by embedding the 5R framework into everything we do and at the same time establishing an open, collaborative, truth-seeking culture with scientific rigour at its heart.

Our continued success and growth was driven by our agile and entrepreneurial culture, our network of partnerships and the extraordinary people who make up our workforce.

Find out more about the cutting-edge science and technology driving our scientific leadership ambition forward, and how IMED is looking to the future – exploring and investing in the next wave of scientific innovation.