Great place to work

We work hard to attract and retain the most skilled and talented individuals all over the world to help us develop new treatments and medicines.

We are dedicated to building an inclusive, open and trusting organisation that embraces the skills, knowledge and unique abilities of each of our employees. We have a global workforce of around 61,500 people in more than 100 countries.

We continuously invest in our workforce and in the recruitment and retention of excellent individuals. Providing training and opportunities to enhance their careers and working hard to be a responsible business people can be proud to work for is key. At AstraZeneca, we prioritise diversity and human rights, and ensure everyone has the opportunity to work in a healthy and safe environment. Our employees are proud to support and invest in the communities in which we operate. 


reduction in illness and injury rates across AstraZeneca and a 55% reduction in driver collisions


of employees feel that the availability of opportunities for development and growth has improved at AstraZeneca


of managers at Global Career Level F (senior managers) and above are women

What we're doing

Attracting and retaining talent

To maintain our position as a world leader in the pharmaceutical industry, we need to attract the best people in our industry and make AstraZeneca a company they want to keep working for. We invest in outstanding individuals with the capabilities to achieve our bold ambition and to work collectively in accelerating their development.

Increasing employee engagement

In 2015, we held three ‘Pulse’ surveys across a sample of the organisation, together with a final employee survey in January 2016. We found that 83% of employees would recommend AstraZeneca as a great place to work, an increase of 1% on 2014. The Pulse surveys throughout 2015 generated just over 39,000 responses.

Managing relocation

In 2013, we announced plans to invest in three strategic research and development centres, which affected employees in the US and the UK. The most significant part of the plan will be the relocation of our UK-based global research and development centre and corporate headquarters to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

We now have 1,600 employees working in Cambridge. We encouraged and supported employees to relocate, and now have 500 people at Cambridge who have relocated from other AstraZeneca UK sites. We recruited over 400 new employees to Cambridge and aim to hire a further 600 over the coming two years.

Championing diversity

We believe in having a diverse workforce that accurately represents the communities in which we work. We work hard to ensure our Board and leadership teams are diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity and culture. Our efforts on gender diversity received external recognition in 2015, when the National Association for Female Executives ranked us as one of its 50 leading companies for the seventh year running. We also featured among Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies.

Human rights

In 2015, we concluded our second human rights employment matters review in all countries where we operate. The review focused on International Labour Organization core themes, including freedom of association and collective bargaining, child labour, discrimination, working hours and wages. In this second survey, we added questions on the living wage, data management and recruitment.

The results of our recent review have remained very positive.

Improving employee health and safety

Health and safety and health risks are inherent in pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and sales activities, and we have stringent policies and procedures in place to protect our employees. Our long-term ambition is to eliminate workplace accidents and illnesses. In addition to managing workplace health and safetys, we have worked hard to help our employees' improve their wellbeing, including through access to fitness opportunities and stress management training.

We met our 2015 lost time injury/illness rate target two years early, achieving a 46% overall reduction in 2015 from the 2010 baseline. 

Promoting driver safety

Due to the high number of people employed by AstraZeneca in roles that require driving on company business, driving is our highest risk area for serious injury and fatality. We regret that in 2015 an employee was killed in a traffic accident while driving on AstraZeneca business. Our continued focus is on promoting driver safety through awareness and training programmes among our sales force.

In 2015, we exceeded our five-year target for reducing collisions per million kilometres driven, achieving a 55% reduction from baseline.

Community investment

Wherever AstraZeneca is located worldwide, we aim to make a positive contribution to local communities through sponsorships, partnerships, charitable donations and other activities that improve health and promote science education. As well as benefiting communities, our community investment activities give employees another reason to feel proud to work for AstraZeneca.  

Our focus areas include supporting disaster relief world wide and investing in the next generation of scientists through science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education.